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November 2014 Newsletter


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October 2014 Newsletter

October 31, 2014 CONTENTS: Chinese Herb Doubles Cancer Survival Rate Moringa “Superfood” Tree Side Effects of Food Additives: How To Stay Healthy Cancer Success Story – Sue Olifent Hemp Seeds for an Energized Life Monsanto’s Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases The Quest for The Cures … CONTINUES Thanks for all the support!     Chinese [...]

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September 2014 Newsletter

September 30, 2014 CONTENTS: The Quest for The Cures … CONTINUES Maximized Living Conference in Frisco, TX Compound in Celery Found to Destroy 86% of Lung Cancer Cells Kenneth Joe Gallender – Cancer Success Story How to Rid the Body of Internal Parasites Transform Your Health Summit   The Quest for The Cures … CONTINUES [...]

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August 2014 Newsletter

August 27, 2014 CONTENTS: CDC Vaccine Fraud Exposed! Coconut Oil – Hero or Villain? Medical Marijuana Laws May Reduce Painkiller Overdoses Why is Marijuana Illegal? Watermelon – Summer’s Natural Treat ICRF Charitable Donation Cancer Control Society Convention in Los Angeles   CDC Vaccine Fraud Exposed! Have you heard about the CDC fraud regarding vaccines and [...]

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July 2014 Newsletter

July 31, 2014 CONTENTS: Healing Revolution Summit 2014 Tara Mann’s Story 5 Wild Edibles to Keep You Alive Man in Solitary Confinement for 28 Years!! Guilty Until Proven Innocent Detroit Forces Farmer To Destroy 248 Gallons of Milk & 1200 Free-Range Eggs Interview with Dr. Burzynski Women Given Radiation For Breast Cancer 8X More Likely [...]

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June 2014 Newsletter

June 30, 2014 CONTENTS: Launching!! Sauerkraut: Anti-cancer Fermented Food that Restores Gut Flora Police Confiscate Healthy Baby Because it was Born at Home 5 Easy Ways to Use Food Grade Activated Charcoal Life Sentence for Cooking Cannabis Brownies? Chicago Children’s Hospital “Takes Custody” of 16 Year Old Away from Parent Who Sought Second Opinion [...]

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May 2014 Newsletter

May 25, 2014 CONTENTS: “The Quest for The Cures” — Begins Monday! Health Ranger on the Dr. Oz Show Grass-Fed Beef & Raw Milk HUGE: 2 Oregon Counties Ban GMOs! Tom Brokaw has Cancer – Doctors Call it “Incurable” … Despite Natural Cures   “The Quest for the Cures” — Begins Monday What is “The [...]

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April 2014 Newsletter

April 30, 2014 CONTENTS: The Truth About Cancer Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Cancer Success Story – Shannon Knight 42% of Drug Reactions are Vaccine Related 6 Facts About Asparagus   The Truth About Cancer I’m currently involved in a very exciting project, called The Truth About Cancer, which is the first ever investigative report [...]

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March 2014 Newsletter

March 31, 2014 CONTENTS: Putting Out the Fire Within Parents Blackmailed By Doctor (Forced Vaccines) Pfizer Tracking Unvaccinated Children Cookbook Coming Soon… “Evidence-Based” Medicine:  A Coin’s Flip Worth of Certainty  FOX News Interviews on the Carol Alt Show Answers to Cancer 2014 – Video Now Available     Putting Out the Fire Within: Anti-Inflammatory Agents [...]

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February 2014 Newsletter

February 25, 2014 CONTENTS: The Cancer Apocalypse Turmeric Extract Strikes to the Root Cause of Cancer Please HELP Joan Hunter – Victim of Radiation Poisoning How To Eat Healthy When Dining Out Cancer Success Story – Jim & Dot Scarpa 25 Year Study Finds Mammography Useless  Shocking: Replacing 40 Toxic Meds with Cannabis Juice Get [...]

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January 2014 Newsletter

January 31, 2014 CONTENTS: Hemp & “The Super Oobie Doobie Bowl” FOX News Interview on Carol Alt Show Sea Cucumber – Marine Vegetable or Cancer Treatment? Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells! Cancer Success Story – Marianne Farrington Broccoli Kills Cancer Stem Cells Update on Selena Mathews Beta-Blockers Killed 800,000 in 5 Years! Geoengineering Whistleblower – [...]

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December 2013 Newsletter

December 27, 2013   I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas! This will be the last newsletter of 2013, so I hope you enjoy it. Top 13 “Bizarro World” Stories of 2013 I entitled this section “Bizarro World” because, quite frankly, these stories are so strange, so weird, and so bizarre, that [...]

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November 2013 Newsletter

November 27, 2013   CONTENTS: JFK Assassination — 50 Year Gathering in Dallas “Monumental Myths” is DONE! $9.97 Special Offer… Utah Mother Faults Flu Shot in 19-Year-Old Son’s Death Exposed: WebMD betrays Americans by Pocketing Millions to Promote Obamacare Propaganda Mother Fined $10 For Not Including Ritz Crackers in Kid’s School Lunch Beta Glucan – [...]

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October 2013 Newsletter

October 31, 2013   CONTENTS: Amish Girl & Parents Flee USA to Avoid Chemo Woman with Disfigured Face Receives FREE Facial Reconstruction Moringa Oleifera Superfood Crashes as Sebelius Testifies “the Website Never Crashed” Michigan State University Sells Deadly Toxic Waste to the Public Gun Grabbers Blame Toy Guns for Police Shooting of 13-Year-Old Confirmed: [...]

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September 2013 Newsletter

September 30, 2013   CONTENTS: Lemons for Life! Are You Ready for ObamaCare Home Visits? The Fairytale of “Herd Immunity” Turmeric – Bright Spice of Life The HIV-AIDS Myth Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Caught Off California Coast Apple Cider Vinegar Here Comes Flu Season! September Summary     Lemons for Life! Lemons were originally developed as [...]

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August 2013 Newsletter

August 29, 2013   CONTENTS: LifeOne Cancer Treatment Ginger – the “Universal Medicine” Radiation From Japan Already Killing Americans War On the Poor: Feed the Homeless – Go to Jail Papaya – “Fruit of the Angels” Parents Charged With Murder of Baby Actually Killed By Vaccines 72 Types of Americans Considered “Potential Terrorists” Obama Gives [...]

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July 2013 Newsletter

July 27, 2013   CONTENTS: Super Selenium Garlic Beats Drugs in Detoxifying Government Shutting Down Family Farms What’s Killing the Bees? US Military and Monsanto Targeting GMO Activists Boost Your Health With Basil Former Head of Fukushima Dies of Cancer Highlights from the Advanced Medicine Seminar     Super Selenium From my research, I have [...]

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June 2013 Newsletter

June 27, 2013   CONTENTS: Study: 70% of Americans on Prescription Drugs Activists Set 40 Tons of GMO Sugar Beets Ablaze in Oregon GMO Feed Turns Pigs Stomachs to Mush Kittens – Dead from GMO Soy Formula! Arnica to the Rescue! Cancer Success Story – Padrick Rice Skynet Rising: Google Acquires 512-Qubit Quantum Computer Why [...]

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May 2013 Newsletter

May 31, 2013   CONTENTS: The True History of the AMA Moringa Oleifera – Miraculous Superfood The Facts About Cholesterol Are You A “Sheeple”? Take the Sheeple Quiz and Find Out… MSG Kills Your Brain Speaking Engagement – Chicago Health Freedom Expo Coast to Coast AM and The Robert Scott Bell Show     The [...]

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April 2013 Newsletter

April 30, 2013   CONTENTS: How to Mend the Broken Food Chain Seven Things Every Home Pharmacy Should Have Juice Fast For Health Virginia Govt Prosecutes Homeowner for Backyard Chickens Liposomal Vitamin C Top 10 Scientific Threats Comedy: The Lazy Shotgun     How to Mend the Broken Food Chain Dr. Howard Fisher As an [...]

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March 2013 Newsletter

March 29, 2013   CONTENTS: The Top 10 Healthiest Seeds on Earth 5 Vaccines to Never Give a Child 10 Reasons Why We Don’t Need GMO Foods 40% of Cyprus Bank Account Money Looted – Is the USA Next? 12 Year Old Memorizes Declaration of Independence The 6 Most Notorious Health Myths     The [...]

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February 2013 Newsletter

February 25, 2013   CONTENTS: Ozone 101 Chemtrails – Conspiracy or Fact? Lloyd Sabach – Cancer Success Story Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Causes Autism Give Thanks! Is Coke Addictive? Coroner Takes on Soft Drink Giant Bhutan – 100% Organic Country? God Made a Farmer     Ozone 101 Ozone was discovered by Fridereich Schonbein in 1840. [...]

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January 2013 Newsletter

January 30, 2013   CONTENTS: Red Palm Oil – The “Other” Perfect Fat I Cure Cancer (the Documentary) Piers Morgan Gets Sick Days After Receiving Flu Vaccine Blackberries – A “Bonanza” of Nutrition OOPS! Study Exposes Chemo as Fraud DHS Buys 7,000 Full Auto Assault Rifles for “Personal Defense” More Raw Milk Tyranny in the [...]

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December 2012 Newsletter

December 28, 2012 CONTENTS: Top 12 “Bizarro World” Stories of 2012 Dr. Oz – Big Agra “Sellout” and Vaccine Charlatan Cancer Success Story – Kellee Mulhern The Bill of Rights is Not Negotiable “58 Holistic Health Nuggets For The Entire Family”     I hope that you all had a very merry Christmas! This will [...]

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November 2012 Newsletter

November 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Are Cancer Patients’ Hopes Too High? Elderberry Shocking Truth About What’s in Vaccines Healthy Family Spotlight – The Peters Aspartame Associated With Increased Risk of Blood Cancers The Root Cause of Your Autoimmune Disease The Remarkable Rebounder     Are Cancer Patients’ Hopes Too High? By: Gene Emery NEW YORK [...]

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October 2012 Newsletter

October 25, 2012 CONTENTS: Food “Insurance” Budwig Diet This is What We are Facing Lemon Balm Cancer Success Story – John Curry Kombucha Anyone? “Outside the Box Wednesday” on the Robert Scott Bell Show Coast to Coast AM Appearance on November 1st     Food “Insurance” While many thousands of Americans are denying the fact [...]

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September 2012 Newsletter

September 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Hibiscus for Heart Health Root Canals – Facts vs. Fictions Hemp – Miracle Plant or Evil Weed? Cancer Success Story – Dale Figtree Flu Shot? No Thanks! The Truth About GMOs Pre-Order New Book!! $10 Discount!     Hibiscus for Heart Health Hibiscus is a small tree with bright red/yellow flowers [...]

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August 2012 Newsletter

August 29, 2012 CONTENTS: URGENT: Update on Selena Mathews Curing With Cayenne 7 Trivia Facts About Polio Stabbed in the Heart Connie’s Story Hydrogen Peroxide – “Medical Miracle” First They… TV, Radio, & Speaking Engagements     URGENT: Update on Selena Mathews To call what is happening to the Jay Mathews Family RIGHT NOW at [...]

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July 2012 Newsletter

July 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Selenium – “Hidden Superstar” DMSO – A Real “Miracle Solution” How Chemicals Affect Us Success Story from Norway 17 Techniques for Truth Suppression Coconut Oil – Hero or Villain? Watermelon – Summer’s Natural Treat Big Pharma Says “YES, We Lied About Vaccines” Olympics Opening Ceremony The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure   [...]

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June 2012 Newsletter

June 29, 2012 CONTENTS: Obamacare Upheld by Supreme Court Sellouts Bountiful Broccoli GMO Foods – What’s All the Fuss? Vaccinated to Death Remarkable Vitamin C The pH Scale Radiation – A Global Killer Colloidal Silver – “Nature’s Antibiotic” The “CancerTruth Chronicles”   Obamacare Upheld by Supreme Court Sellouts Yesterday, June 28th, in a 5-4 decision,the [...]

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May 2012 Newsletter

May 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Vitamin D – Nature’s “Medicine Chest” FDA Admits 100K Annual Death Count Cherries For Your Health “Cut Poison Burn” – The Thomas Navarro Story Astonishing Avocados! Why Does Freedom Matter? “Energy Medicine” Cures M.D. of Terminal Disease     Vitamin D – Nature’s “Medicine Chest” Raise your hand if you think [...]

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April 2012 Newsletter

April 27, 2012 CONTENTS: Essiac Tea Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells Are Vaccines Really “Safe and Effective”? Enzymes & Digestion Andrew Wordes “Bullied to Death” Over Chickens Amazing Baking Soda The Hunger Games – A Glimpse of Our Own Future?     Essiac Tea My grandmother, Helen Cade, “Mama Helen” as we all [...]

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March 2012 Newsletter

March 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Carnivora® Vaccine “Junk Science” Medical Terrorism in Michigan Sugar – the “White Death” Magnificent Muscadines True Confessions from a Radiation Therapist     Carnivora® Carnivora® is the 100% pure extract from the Venus Flytrap plant and was developed by Dr. Helmut G. Keller in the late 1970’s in Europe.  As a [...]

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February 2012 Newsletter

February 28, 2012 CONTENTS: LivingFuel “SuperGreens” & “SuperBerry” Colorful Vegetables & Fruits Cancer Success Story – Maria Cottone Broccoli – the “Crunchy Cruciferous Contender” Melatonin’s Mechanisms of Action Doctors Paid to Regurgitate CDC Raw Milk Lies       LivingFuel – “SuperGreens” and “SuperBerry” One staple of my family’s daily eating routine is our smoothies, [...]

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January 2012 Newsletter

January 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Eradicate Earaches with Garlic Heart Disease, Obesity, & Cholesterol Myths Will Vaccinate for Food! Fight Cancer with Curcumin Rapeseed Oil (Canola) Exposed The Wonders of Wheatgrass Shocking Confessions of a Drug Company Insider  Download the Newsletter (Adobe PDF)   ERADICATE EARACHES WITH GARLIC Painful ear infections and earaches drive millions of [...]

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