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Cancer Industry like the Slave Trade

In the Cancer Industry, patients are like slaves, and the slave owners (the “Medical Mafia”) want to make sure that they remain enslaved by suppressing information about alternative treatments, propagating the LIE that the “Big 3″ treatments are effective at treating cancer, and persecuting those who dare to question their authority and use an alternative treatment.  Either we are free or we are slaves. There is no middle ground! Don’t be a slave to the Cancer Industry and their brainwashing!  Don’t listen to the propaganda! Get out of the matrix! The Cancer Industry is well organized, unbelievably well funded, and has total control over the news media due to the massive amounts of advertising dollars spent by Big Pharma. Folks, we are all being “duped” by the Medical Mafia! It takes time to get to the bottom of important issues, and therein lies the problem. People want to learn everything they need to know about something by watching an hour of TV; students want to learn complicated mathematics while they play video games. But this won’t work when it comes to learning about the cures for cancer. You must do your homework.  The first step is to read my book. The information it contains is literally priceless!

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  1. Chris says:

    But is your book also priceless ? (literally?)

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