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Why is my Doctor against Alternative Cancer Treatments?

Your doctor is against these treatments because from the first day of medical school, doctors are brainwashed into believing that disease can only be treated with drugs. You can rest assured that your doctor has likely been convinced that the only viable treatments for cancer are chemo, surgery, and radiation.  Your doctor has also been lead to believe that there are no cures for cancer, when in reality there are. Most doctors have a tendency to believe that not only what they were taught in medical school must be true, but they also believe that what they were not taught must not be important!  As a result, most doctors are still thinking “inside the box” when it comes to cancer. Doctors who think “outside the box” and treat the actual cause of disease rather than the symptoms are labeled as “quacks.”

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11 Responses to “Why is my Doctor against Alternative Cancer Treatments?”

  1. Chemotherapy says:

    Is their any treatment other than
    Chemo, surgery and radiation? If yes let me know.

  2. Cecelia Spurgeon says:

    What was the name of vitamin you spoke of on Noory the other night?

    Thank you.

  3. Is there a limit to how many times a woman can require radiation in cancer treatment?If found in different places do you keep doing radiation to each new spot (breast cancer).

  4. Moses says:

    ? If there are other methods of treament that work ,then why is the world so wrong about other alternative methods. It just dont seem logical to me that the whole world not notice a treatment that worked better than chemo. Chemo 3% chance. If another treatment was 5,10,15 times better, i would just do that not chemo. Yes chemo may put money in the pockets of of big bizz but if i was a rich guy it would make since to me to invest in something that worked ( alternative meds). With an independent world no one can stop you from finding a cure jail or not. it seem to me that if there was somwthing better than what is out there than why is it that famous and rich people die from it. I found this site just buy searching the internet. Is it this easy to just cure cancer. Show me someone who has had stage 3-4 lung cancer recover i would even take a stage 1-2. If it works then show the world. You tube, blogs, etc.

    • Kathy R. says:

      Moses, there’s supposively “no cure for the common cold,” either; but, I know for an absolute fact that there IS. (I knock mine out within 10-15 minutes by just taking 6 drops of sodium chlorite activated with citric acid; then, going ahead and taking the recommended 6 more 1 hour later, just to be absolutely sure. BTW, this is called MMS; and, avoid ascorbic acid for 2 hrs. before and after – it neutralizes it.) The point being, we’re being lied to by the medical industry, which is profit driven. If you think there isn’t MAJOR suppression going on, simply do a search on Dr. Royal Rife. Food grade H2O2 is being used sucessfully in Germany to treat some cancers; but, do we even hear about it here??? Nooooooo! You’ll be really shocked if you take the time to do the research! I’m sure that there’s plenty of other things that work, too; but, which are actively suppressed. I’m just too new in all of this to be able to cite them; so, I’m using what I DO know a bit about as an illustration. As for people flocking to alternatives if they worked: I don’t understand the mentality; but, for example, the wife of a friend of mine has late stage, recurrent breast cancer. I gave her the phone number of a lady who had stage 4 breast cancer and treated it with Rife instead of S/P/B; and, as the result, has been cancer free for 15+ years. That was several months ago; and, despite the fact that going back through chemo is pretty much killing her, has she even called her??? For some reason, she has not… All I can figure is that either she’s too brainwashed; or, that the past couple of years (she was “in remission” for about 6 months before the cancer came back with a vengance) have her so worn down that she’s just ready to give up and die. If you do enough research, you’ll find a LOT of folks who HAVE opted to go with alternatives and who are VERY glad they did so! Don’t just read ads; read forums, where people are actually using the various alternatives. If MD’s were allowed to use alternatives and taught their uses, the success rates would be even higher. Unfortunately, I don’t see this ever becoming the case; since, most alternatives can never be patented. No patent = no profits = no money to spend on the millions required for recognition. Beyond that, there’s no profit in curing anything – only in treating it.

      • Erin says:

        Kathy’s right!! Some people, for some reason, will not try something that is said to successfully treat an “incurable” ailment. I have researched natural treatments for years and suggested them to various friends and family with ailments… These people do not even try it, yet they continue treatment that is not showing positive results (but showing negative results by creating other ailments). Food grade H2O2 has been used to successfuly treat cancer as well as other things. That is one of the things I have done alot of research on and have complete faith in. It is known that cancer and viruses cannot live in an oxygen rich environment, and this food grade H2O2 puts oxygen in the body!!!!! It’s logical that it would be worth a shot! Now, tell me, WHY WHY WHY would someone NOT try that as an alternative to Surgery, Poison, Burn??? Brainwashed? I’m sure of it. So many people think whatever words come from a doctors mouth are truth, and they never question it. Well, doctors are only relaying what they were taught in medical school, AND medical school only teaches what is profitable to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. PROFITABLE! That means they are not in the medical business to save lives, but to make MONEY! It’s so sad.

    • Chris says:

      Moses, you said “Yes chemo may put money in the pockets of of big bizz but if i was a rich guy it would make since to me to invest in something that worked ( alternative meds).”

      However you are dead wrong.
      The pharma companies are richer than the average (or above average) “rich guy” and they make sure federal agencies do everything in their power to ban and/or discredit him were he to start this new successful venture to compete with big pharma. In a normal world without the power of big pharma the rich guys investment in a natural medical companies that really works WOULD succeed !

      Unfortunately even success of alternative medicine and word of mouth is not powerful enough to stop big pharma because if discrediting you doesn’t help they force you legally out of the industry and through court and legislations liek the FDA and others if necessary. – ps. what IS interesting recently is new forms of chemo and radiation that selectively target the tumour cells and not the healthy ones like normal chemo and radiation (Google search ‘SIRT’). However expect to pay a pretty penny as you would for the normal more dangerous versions. (unlike with alt. medicine)

  5. Beth says:

    Isn’t it true that most conventional doctors treat the symptoms of many types of conditions rather than look for and treat the causes for those conditions? I am definitely interested in natural healing but you made an important point in that oftentimes, natural remedies take longer to work and most people just want a quick fix. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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