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August 23, 2011


Frankenpot – Marijuana gone GMO!

Grass-Fed Beef

Dr. John Virapen – Big Pharma Whistleblower


FDA “Gestapo” Raids Rawesome Foods!

The Incredible, Edible Egg

E.M.P. – A Real Threat to the Power Grid

Medicinal Herb Book – COMING SOON!!


By Barbara H. Peterson

Marijuana Growers: Hang onto your pot, here come the genetically modified genes! It is painfully obvious that mad scientists have gone wild and are in charge of our health and food supply. And now, they want to grab hold of Mary Jane, Weed, Cannabis, Pot, Marijuana, or whatever else you want to call it. Yeah, we know it has medicinal properties, and so do they. That is one of the reasons it has remained illegal for so long.

Someone growing a plant in their backyard and foregoing over-the-counter pain medication, or making a tincture that helps fight cancer just might cut into Big Pharma profits, and we can’t have that. At least not until it can be strictly controlled by the very drug companies that specialize in delivering, for a hefty price, a barrage of drugs designed to, at the very least, incapacitate, and not actually cure anything. So, here it is. The start of something big. Marijuana gone GMO: Greenhouses lined with genetically modified marijuana sit on a mountainside just an hour ride from Cali, Colombia, where farmers say the enhanced plants are more powerful and profitable. One greenhouse owner said she can sell the modified marijuana for 100,000 pesos ($54) per kilo (2.2 pounds), which is nearly 10 times more than the price she can get for ordinary marijuana. Local authorities said the arrival of genetically modified seeds, which are imported from Europe and the United States have allowed “a bigger production and better quality at the same time”.

A police commander in the Cauca region where Cali is located, Carlos Rodriguez, said one of the modified varieties goes by the name, “Creepy”. Another seed modified in The Netherlands is fetching a good price in the area, said a foreign researcher, who asked to remain anonymous. That version, well-known in Europe as “La Cominera”, is named for the Colombian village where it grows. “La Cominera’s” higher value is due to its increased concentration of THC, the plant’s principal active ingredient, and the modified plant verges on an 18 percent concentration level, compared to a normal marijuana plant’s two to seven percent, said the researcher. (Yahoo News)

Coincidence that this is going on just as Big Pharma is busy patenting a Marijuana pill? Notice that the genetically modified seeds are imported from Europe, the Netherlands and the United States. Despite the US government’s staunch opposition to medical cannabis farms in Oakland and elsewhere, the feds have begun licensing a whole lot of large legal pot grows throughout the country. But this weed is not for cannabis dispensaries and their patients; it’s for Big Pharma. The Drug Enforcement Administration told Legalization Nation in an e-mail last week that 55 unnamed companies now hold licenses to grow cannabis in the United States, a fact that contradicts the widespread belief that there is only one legal pot farm in America, operated under the DEA for research purposes. It appears as if the upswing in federally approved pot farming is about feeding the need of pharmaceutical companies who want to produce a generic version of THC pill Marinol and at least one other cannabis-based pill for a wide variety of new uses. (Cannabis Culture)

Let’s see if I have this straight. Marijuana, natural, grown in your backyard: BAD! Marijuana farms, licensed by the feds and operated by the DEA for Big Pharma, and most likely genetically modified in a laboratory: GOOD! Hey, bubee, don’t you understand that this is bad??? So, off to jail you go for growing a healthy plant in your yard, but if you splice genes in a lab and grow a GM plant, changing that plant from something healthy to something designed to kill, patent it, and hand it over to the drug companies to push, then all the riches of the planet are yours, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood U.S. government. © 2011 Barbara H. Peterson SOURCE:



Before the 1960’s, grass-fed beef was more commonplace. Unfortunately it became almost a lost art of raising cattle for human consumption with the rise of the American feedlot industry as the preferred method for supplying the demand for beef. The popular mantra today is that grain-fed beef is better beef.  It’s a great, natural, healthy food, right?  But that rosy picture steadily loses its luster as new scientific discoveries in the fields of human health and nutrition keep advancing. Cattle were made to eat grass, not grain.

Grass-fed beef has the perfect ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fats as well as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which shrinks tumors & stimulates the immune system. Feeding on lush grass provides cattle with a balanced diet & results in very healthy beef. However, unless it’s labeled specifically as “grass-fed”, the beef you buy at the supermarket is grain-fed, which has a poor ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fats, very little CLA content, and is not nearly as healthy as grass-fed beef.


Dr. John Virapen was a 35 year veteran in the pharmaceutical industry, most notably, as a general manager of Eli Lilly and Company in Sweden. He wrote two books exposing the massive amount of corruption, fraud, and deceit that exists in Big Pharma.  According to Dr. Virapen:Pharmaceutical companies want to keep people sick. They want to make them think that they are sick. They increasingly target our children and they are killing them! And they do this for one reason: Money!” His website is Take 10 minutes to watch the video below. It’s well worth your time.



Poly-MVA is a uniquely formulated combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to support cellular energy production and promote overall health. Poly-MVA also replaces specific nutrients that may be depleted during certain therapies. A patented dietary supplement with over 15 years of clinical laboratory research and testing, Poly-MVA is a revolutionary product and the first in a remarkable new category of supplement called lipoic acid palladium complexes (LAPd). Poly-MVA is the first product to come out of the new field of electrogenetics, which studies and describes the energy requirements, energy exchanges, and electrical communication that allow DNA signaling and communication in our cells.

While an in-depth explanation involves interactions that bridge the fields of chemistry, physics and biology, the mechanism of Poly-MVA can also be explained in more common physiological terms. Poly-MVA maintains and enhances the function of mitochondria, the main source of energy within cells. In healthy cells using aerobic respiration, Poly-MVA not only protects these cells from damage but enhances their function and action. The clinical effects of Poly-MVA have been proven in laboratory studies, with countless patients as well as in doctor’s clinics and hospitals nationwide. To learn more about Poly-MVA, please visit



On August 3, 2011, Rawesome Foods (a private California buying club offering raw milk and cheese) was raided in blitzkrieg style by SWAT-style armed agents from the FDA, CDC, LA County Sheriff’s Office, and the Department of Agriculture.  What was their crime? “Producing Milk Without a License” and “Mislabeling Cheese” and “Conspiracy to Commit a Crime” were 3 of the 13 charges. Law enforcement demanded that all customers of the store vacate the premises, and then they demanded to know how much cash the owner had at the store.

The LA County Sheriff proceeded to “confiscate” over $4,000 of cash, arrest the owner, and destroy the inventory of the store (pouring the milk down the drain and confiscating the cheese and vegetables). Thank God for those “brave” government agents. Risking their lives to “protect” us from those “evil” raw food terrorists!  How dare they raise cows without injecting them with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)! How dare them sell beef that is from grass-fed cows and vegetables that are organic! We should all feel better that the FDA Gestapo destroyed those “dangerous” eggs produced by free range chickens! And we should all say a hearty “thank you” to the LA Sheriff for “protecting” us from that deadly raw milk!

Let’s get this straight – Rawesome Foods is as dangerous as a “CRACK HOUSE.” A big round of applause to the FDA for giving us access to all the things that admittedly cause disease and kill us (chemotherapy, toxic vaccines, MSG, aspartame, and fluoride) while denying us access to healthy, raw, organic foods.  (Of course … SARCASM intended) Folks, this was an ILLEGAL raid conducted by government THUGS who engaged in acts of terrorism against small farmers and honest raw foods retailers. The LA County Sheriff, the Department of Agriculture, the CDC, and the FDA  represent a “clear and present danger” to the lives and safety of the American people. They are terrorists and should ALL be arrested and charged with the crimes they have committed (i.e. destruction of property, conspiracy to commit a felony, trespassing, theft, and kidnapping).

This is a declaration of war by the rogue US government against people who try to promote healthy raw and living foods.  The FDA once again proves that it is nothing more than the “leg-breakers” for the Medical Mafia.

According to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, “On the scale of harm to the public, the actions of the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry are legendary. Over 100,000 Americans are killed each year by FDA-approved drugs, and yet there’s absolutely no action whatsoever being taken to arrest the CEOs of the drug companies who knowingly sell dangerous drugs that kill people. Where are the arrests of the CDC officials who pushed useless flu vaccines, knowing that they, too, would cause neurological destruction and even death in some children? Where are the arrests of the food company executives who knowingly lace their products with MSG, aspartame, sodium nitrite, hydrogenated oils and other poisons that promote degenerative disease? How about the crackdowns on the evil GMO corporations that have unleashed genetic pollution across our planet in their greedy quest for profit at the expense of life on Earth? No, the great police state government that now runs America doesn’t bother the real criminals who get away with murder every single day by poisoning the food, the medicine and the crops. They all have legal immunity because the system won’t bother dealing with their large-scale crimes. Instead, the power of the corrupt police state is exercised against small, local farms and food businesses which remain the only option through which everyday people can find real food that isn’t artificially modified or contaminated with chemical additives. What we witnessed at Rawesome Foods was an act of government-sponsored terrorism leveled against a health food buyer’s club with the sole intent of destroying food. It’s as if we’re all watching an Orwellian BOOK BURNING! Except they weren’t burning books; they were pouring raw milk down the drain and destroying up to $50,000 worth of wholesome, organic, farm-fresh food. Keep in mind this is happening at a time when starvation is on the rise in America — and our own government is running around DESTROYING FOOD! Government thugs are the real terrorists today.”

Truth be told, the Medical Mafia is NOT interested in protecting our health. But they ARE extremely interested in protecting Big Business and Big Pharma, while making it crystal clear to the “common sheeple” that they are slaves and must do what they’re told or be arrested at gunpoint. While the American public is busy watching American Idol, eating Doritos, and worshiping their favorite sports team, the FDA is actively persecuting organic food suppliers, raw milk producers, and they are also attempting to outlaw nearly ALL nutritional supplements created after 1994. Learn more here. The bottom line is this: If we don’t take a stand against this type of “Nazi-esque” thuggish behavior by our government, we may as well lay down, curl up in a fetal position, suck our thumbs, and wait for our next serving of soylent green…



If you want to have your own food supply, the first place to start may be chickens (hens). We have 11 laying hens and each day we get between 8-10 eggs. We let them “free range” during the day and they peck around the yard and eat bugs and critters, and each morning the kiddos get to check the chicken coop for the eggs.

It’s a fun activity for them and it provides us with an excellent source of protein, since eggs from “pastured” (free range) hens contain 4 times the vitamin D, 2 times the omega-3 fats, 3 times more vitamin E, 7 times more beta carotene, and more trace minerals than supermarket eggs. Also, check out the bright orange yolks from truly pastured eggs vs. the dull yellow of supermarket eggs. In my bodybuilding days, I threw out the yolk (too much fat I mistakenly thought) but that’s actually the healthiest part of the egg.



What would you do if the US power grid went down for 6 months? What about 1 year? How about 2 years? An electromagnetic pulse (E.M.P.), produced by detonating human-made devices or by powerful solar storms, can disrupt and destroy electrical systems, including the US power grid, for months and even years. The Heritage Foundation hosted a discussion on the potential threat from an E.M.P. The panelists were a virtual “who’s who” and included Roscoe Bartlett (10 term Congressman and former NASA scientist), James J. Carafano (Director Heritage Foundation – Foreign Policy Studies), Frank J. Gaffney Jr. (Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy), and Peter Pry (former member of the E.M.P. Attack Threat Assessment Commission).

In this CSPAN video, panelists warned of an aftermath similar to “Hurricane Katrina” of an E.M.P. event, predicting that as many as two-thirds of Americans could die from starvation!! Please take 90 minutes to watch this video and learn how you can prepare!



Over the past several months, I have been working with Dr. Michael Farley, a native American physician, and we are very close to completing another book! Dr. Farley is arguably the most prolific herbalist in the USA and his knowledge of medicinal herbs is the basis for this book.

This book will focus on how to identify medicinal herbs and use them to prepare your own medicine. In light of the recent developments regarding our food supply and nutritional supplements, I believe that this book is going to be a MUST HAVE book for anyone who is concerned about the future of healthcare and medicine.

I will share more details about the book as they become available and will be offering it to my subscribers at a discounted rate prior to “official” publication.  It should be available around the middle of September.

    OK, enough for this time. But stay tuned. My next monthly newsletter will have more great info.


Thanks and God bless.



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16 responses on “August 2011 Newsletter


August 23, 2011 at 10:36 am

Ty are you sayimng that Marijuana is good for cancer and your health???? Or maybe I misunderstood 🙂


    Eric Sauls

    August 23, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    It does have serious medicinal benefits. Not necessarily the smoking of it. I’ve read many articles about the oil (hemp oil) and the cancer patients that are alive because of it. It is one of the many things that needs to be researched by an organization that is interested in actually fighting for a cure for something. But unfortunately, those organizations do not exist with any real authority to sustain the fight against the pharmaceutical industry. It is the sad truth. Welcome to the real world. It’s a lot to take in.


Bill Pritchard

August 23, 2011 at 6:44 pm

I’m a long term, type 1 diabetic on insulin from Eli Lilly. I rely mostly on a simple diet and exercise, that’s why I live here in the Welsh Mountains & cycle everywhere.
I’m 68 and fit.
but that video of Dr.John Virapen was scary. The Banks are just as bent. The governments too. We are in deep shit?
see & common
All my best wishes


Irene Portillo

August 23, 2011 at 8:32 pm

Hi Ty,

Thanks for the egg info. Now i can have egg for breakfast without the guilt that I am not eating the right food. God Bless. . .

Irene P



August 24, 2011 at 2:05 am

Keep up the good work Ty. There are many cures for cancer. Pau d’arco is one of them. Do a search on the name Josip Gabre to learn more. Pau d’arco is also known as taheebo. Some other cures for cancer are garlic, vitamin c, selenium, coenzyme q10, essiac and Chinese green tea.



    August 27, 2011 at 10:18 am

    Also Apricot seeds, they contain Vitamin B17. I take 7 seeds a day, they help lower blood pressure too.



August 24, 2011 at 2:23 am

Good day, I love to read your honest articles. Just a pitty, it is on a black page and hardly readable. Kindly change to a WHITE background – I will really appreaciate it – take care – Marie



    August 25, 2011 at 12:18 am

    Marie, Odd, I was just thinking how much easier it is on my eyes. Blackback- ground and white letters is very pleasing for me to read. Maybe, because my eyes are hypersensitive to the light. I don’t know, sorry it is hard for you to read, easier for me. Just reflecting, not to hurt feelings. I never intend to hurt any feelings. 🙂 Lj



      October 3, 2011 at 1:21 pm

      I guess I’m one of the ones who finds websites difficult to read with white on black or colored backgrounds. I find it tedious but work at it because the information is worth the effort.



August 24, 2011 at 11:01 pm

Wow! Thank you for the video clips! I will certainly share these with all my friends. Thank you for all the diligent work that you do to uncover the truth and bring it to us so that we can easily make the decisions that will best help our families and loved ones live a happy and healthy life. Blessings to you, Ty!



August 25, 2011 at 9:18 am

Thank you for your work. You give hope where there is none.


Maggie Kelley

September 3, 2011 at 9:14 pm

I wish you would NOT put your newsletter on a black background. I like to print it to read instead of reading the whole thing on the computer. It is hard on my neck.
I have your book and really like your newsletters.
Please consider my request.
Thank you,



October 8, 2011 at 4:19 pm

Do you put out these newsletters in PDF format too? If not, you should. They would become much more viral. I can tell you put in a lot of work for these so I would think you want the maximum exposure as well. Anyways,thanks for the newsletter. It’s great.



October 11, 2011 at 7:25 pm

hi. I watched the entire EMP video. I do not recall being given a step by step guide for ready preparedness. It was brought up in video but no links or where to find it was revealed. Please help!



January 3, 2013 at 11:36 am

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