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April 27, 2012


Essiac Tea
Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells
Are Vaccines Really “Safe and Effective”?
Enzymes & Digestion
Andrew Wordes “Bullied to Death” Over Chickens
Amazing Baking Soda
The Hunger Games – A Glimpse of Our Own Future?


Essiac Tea

My grandmother, Helen Cade, “Mama Helen” as we all affectionately called her, was the church visitor for Castle Hills First Baptist Church in San Antonio for over 40 years. She and my mom had been two of the 18 charter members of the church way back in 1952. (The church now has over 10,000 members.) As the church visitor, Mama Helen’s job was to travel to hospitals and visit sick people dying people injured people. I remember traveling with her; and everywhere she went, to everyone she met, she would say, “Honey, do you know Jesus?” And then she would proceed to give them one of her “pet rocks” on which was painted “Jesus Loves You;” then she would tell them about Jesus’ death and resurrection and the Christian faith.

What a woman she was! I can only guess that there are literally thousands of souls in heaven as a direct result of Mama Helen. Mama Helen was diagnosed with cancer in 1988. I’m not sure where she learned of it, but almost immediately she began to brew her own Essiac Tea. I remember going to her house in San Antonio and helping her make the tea, fill those amber bottles, and stick them in the fridge. She drank it faithfully, almost as faithfully as she shared the gospel with everyone she met. I say almost as faithfully, because I honestly don’t know of anything that she did more faithfully than share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyway, Mama Helen lived another 10 years with her “terminal cancer,” largely as a result of taking Essiac Tea, in my humble opinion.

Back in 1922, a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse noticed some scar tissue on the breast of an elderly woman. The woman told her that doctors had diagnosed her with breast cancer years before. However, the woman didn’t want to risk surgery, nor did she have the money for it. Providentially, she had met an old Indian medicine man who told her that he could cure her cancer with an herbal tea. The woman proceeded to tell Caisse about the ingredients in the tea. About a year later, Caisse was walking beside a retired doctor who pointed to a common weed and stated, “Nurse Caisse, if people would use this weed there would be little or no cancer in the world.” This “weed” (sheep sorrel) was one of the four herbs in the medicine man’s formula, the other three being Turkish rhubarb root, slippery elm bark, and burdock root.

The doctor had watched his horse cure itself of cancer by repeatedly grazing in a particular part of the pasture where sheep sorrel grew. In 1924, Caisse wanted to test the tea on her aunt who had been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and was given less than six months to live. Caisse asked the physician, Dr. R. O. Fisher, for permission to try the tea on her aunt, and he consented. Her aunt drank the herbal tea daily for two months and recovered. Amazingly, she lived for 20 more years! Caisse also tested the tea on her mother who had been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and had been given less than two months to live. Remarkably, her mother lived another 18 years! Dr. Fisher and nurse Caisse immediately began treating cancer patients with the magic tea, which she eventually named “Essiac” (“Caisse” spelled backwards).

She healed thousands of terminal cancer victims with Essiac in her clinic between the mid 1920’s and the late 1930’s. At the height of her involvement, Caisse saw up to 600 patients a week. The majority of those whom she treated came on referral with letters from their physicians certifying they had incurable or terminal forms of cancer and that they had been given up by the medical profession as untreatable. It was typical for Nurse Caisse to give her patients the Essiac treatment at no cost. After word of her impressive results spread to the United States, a leading diagnostician in Chicago introduced Caisse to Dr. John Wolfer, director of the tumor clinic at Northwestern University Medical School. In 1937, Wolfer arranged for Caisse to treat 30 terminal cancer patients under the direction of five doctors.

She commuted from Canada across the border to Chicago, carrying her bottles of freshly prepared herbal brew. After supervising 18 months of Essiac therapy, the Chicago doctors concluded that the herbal mixture “prolonged life, shrank tumors, and relieved pain.” So effective were her free treatments that in 1938 her supporters gathered 55,000 signatures for a petition to present to the Ontario legislature to make Essiac Tea an official cancer treatment. She fell three votes short. Caisse was not aware of the vast influence of Big Pharma and Big Medicine, which were (and still are) more interested in making money than in helping people. Essiac was cheap and non-toxic. It could cut into the huge lucrative profits generated from the “Big 3.” Caisse constantly played cat and mouse with Canadian federal health officials.

They demanded clinical tests, but she stubbornly refused to divulge her formula unless she got official assurance that Essiac would not be lost to the people who needed it, since her primary loyalty was to the people who had come to depend on her. The authorities couldn’t give her the assurance she needed; thus, she never divulged the formula. Even the world’s largest cancer research center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, could not convince Caisse to divulge her formula.

A steady stream of doctors visited her in Canada, observing case files and talking to patients, pressuring her to sell them the formula. She was offered huge sums of money to commercialize Essiac but refused all but minimal amounts of payment for her services. Not surprisingly, Caisse was heavily persecuted and continually threatened with arrest. Finally, fearing prosecution, she closed the clinic in 1942 and went into seclusion. Rene Caisse died in 1978, at the age of ninety. Before she died, she signed over the rights to the Essiac formula to two parties: Resperin Corporation of Toronto, to test, manufacture and distribute it, and to a long-trusted friend, Dr. Charles Brusch of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Director of the prestigious Brusch Clinic and personal physician to former President John F. Kennedy.

Dr. Brusch himself had cancer of the lower bowel, which completely disappeared after Essiac treatments. Brusch once stated “I know Essiac has curing potential. It can lessen the condition of the individual, control it, and it can cure it.” Some of the best information on the internet concerning Essiac tea can be found at this website. I highly recommend that you visit their frequently asked questions page.


Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells

By Anthony Gucciardi Natural Society

Monsanto’s ‘biopesticide’ known as Bt is not only developing mutated insects and requiring excessive pesticide use, but new findings show that it is also killing human kidney cells ” even in low doses. Amazingly, Monsanto’s superweed-breeding Roundup also has the same effect. Scientists have demonstrated in new research that the Bt pesticide, in addition to Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup, exhibit direct toxicity to human cells. The findings add to the long list of hazardous effects presented by Monsanto’s genetically modified creations. These dangerous Bt crops currently engulf 39% of globally cultivated GMO crops, and Monsanto does not seem to be slowing down on their campaign to expand usage.

Led by Gilles-Eric Seralini, a French scientist from the University of Caen, Seralini and his team are no strangers to the toxic effects of both Bt and glyphosate ” the main component used in Roundup. Previously, Seralini and a group of other scientists found that Roundup is linked to infertility, killing testicular cells in rats. The report stated that within 1 to 48 hours of exposure, testicular cells of the mature rats were either damaged or killed. At only 100 parts per million (ppm), Monsanto’s biopesticide lead to cell death. Furthermore, they found that Roundup at 57.2ppm  killed half of the cell population – 200 times below agricultural use.

This is concerning as researchers have previously detected Roundup in 41% of the 140 groundwater samples taken from Catalonia Spain that were actually above the limit of quantification. Even in very small doses, the research indicates that Roundup appears to be assaulting your biology. It has also been divulged that Roundup is damaging other life outside of humans, shown to decrease the population of monarch butterflies by killing the very plants that the butterflies rely on for habitat and food.

2011 study published in the journal Insect Conservation and Diversity found that increasing usage of genetically modified Roundup Ready corn and soybeans is significantly contributing to the decline in monarch butterfly populations within North America due to the destruction of milkweed. The evidence that Monsanto’s biopesticide and Roundup alike are disrupting both nature and human safety is clear, yet little is being done about it. Even the EPA is being bombarded with calls to action, with 22 academic corn experts now warning the EPA that GMO crops are devastating the future of agricultural production. When will corporate giant Monsanto be held accountable for the devastation of their creations?


Are Vaccines Really “Safe and Effective”?

Dr. Gary Null, PhD (best-selling author, international expert in nutrition and wellness, award-winning filmmaker, and activist) presented some amazing vaccine information to the New York State Assembly Hearing in October of 2009. Those people who are still “drinking the Kool-Aid” and still believe that vaccines are “safe and effective” should take 30 minutes and watch these three videos. They are worth watching.

Part 1 of 3:

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:


Enzymes & Digestion

The chemistry of digestion is really simple; with all the three major types of food being protein, carbohydrates, and fats. But remember, the important thing is not how much food we eat, but rather how much food we digest. And enzymes are the main component in food digestion. There are also three main categories of digestive enzymes: proteases (for protein digestion), amylase (for carbohydrate digestion), and lipase (for fat digestion). We digest proteins into amino acids, carbohydrates into glucose, and fats into fatty acids. Each day, the pancreas secretes about 1.7 liters of pancreatic juice in the small intestine. In this juice are enzymes (including lipase, protease, and amylase) required for the digestion and absorption of food. Lipase (along with bile) helps digest fats. Amylase (secreted by the salivary glands and pancreas) breaks down starch molecules into more absorbable sugars. The proteases secreted by the pancreas (trypsin, chymotrypsin, and carboxypeptidase) break protein molecules into single amino acids. There are also two plant-based proteases: bromelain (from the stems of pineapples) and papain (from unripe papayas).

Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with enzymes, but when we cook food, the enzymes are destroyed. Charlene and I take a daily enzyme supplement called Vitälzym, which is a proprietary blend of systemic enzymes (including proteases, lipase, amylase, bromelain, papain, and serrapeptase). Serrapeptase, a proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzyme present in the intestine of silkworms, is sometimes referred to as the “super enzyme.” The theory is that the enzymes extracted from the bacteria present in the intestine of silkworms are capable of dissolving dead tissue without having any harmful effect on the user’s living cells.

This is how these enzymes dissolve the cocoon of silkworms which makes them capable of transforming into adult moths. Serrapeptase suppresses the growth of “bradykinin” (a group of compounds which bind to the spot of inflammation), thus it is able to reduce inflammation and pain. It also reduces the accumulation of “fibrin” in the body, which, as a result, reduces the chances of blood clots and arterial plaque. Fibrin, a byproduct of proteins, is responsible in the formation of blood clots. If someone already suffers from blood clots, serrapeptase is able to dissolve them. In addition to blood clots, serrapeptase also digests cysts, arterial plaque, scar tissue, and inflammation in all forms.

The late German physician, Dr. Hans Nieper, used serrapeptase to treat arterial blockage in his coronary patients. Serrapeptase protects against stroke and is reportedly more effective and quicker than EDTA chelation treatments in removing arterial plaque. Around the age of 30, your body’s production of enzymes drastically diminishes, so it’s essential to begin supplementing immediately if you are older than 30.


Andrew Wordes “Bullied to Death” Over Chickens

An innocent man who had legally been raising a few dozen chickens and other small birds in the backyard of his suburban Atlanta home is now dead, following a crusade of terror perpetrated against him by the City of Roswell in Georgia. Andrew Wordes, who died during a recent raid on his property in which county marshals tried to illegally evict him, was the obvious victim of a rogue state gone mad ” and his blood is now on the hands of the Roswell City Administrator, the Roswell City Council, and the Roswell Police Department, all of which robbed from Wordes his property, his livelihood, and ultimately his life.

Wordes had long raised his small poultry friends in the backyard of his one-acre property at 335 Alpine Drive in Roswell, Georgia, sharing eggs, chicks, and friendly words of wisdom and encouragement with his neighbors and with local schoolchildren all along the way. Wordes was very active in his local community, having organized a North Georgia Pet Chicken “Meetup” group, and founded a chicken breeding club. His friends and neighbors described him as a generous, kind, and loving man who was always willing to lend a hand, and who would have given you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

But Wordes met his unjust fate on March 26, 2012, after roughly four years of enduring illicit and seemingly-endless abuse, bullying, threats, and unsubstantiated legal action taken against him by Roswell city officials with an apparent axe to grind. And after losing his birds, his freedom, his entire life savings, his property, and his livelihood as a result of the City of Roswell’s sadistic war against him, Wordes ended up losing his life as a result of an explosion that occurred during the final eviction raid carried out by Fulton County marshals.

Read the entire story here: http://www.cancertruth.net/roswell-georgia-andrew-wordes/


Amazing Baking Soda

Bicarbonate of Soda (aka sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3, and baking soda) is a simple low-cost substance that is a useful remedy for a variety of ailments and chronic diseases. Discovered in 1840, baking soda (not to be confused with baking powder which typically contains aluminum) is a proven treatment for flus and colds, and recently this amazing substance has been in the “spotlight” as doctors like Tullio Simoncini and Mark Sircus have used it to treat cancer patients. Perhaps the success is due to the fact that baking soda floods the cancer cells with a shockwave of alkalinity and oxygen, thus reversing the hypoxia (lack of oxygen) which is always associated with cancerous tissue.

Or perhaps it works because a comparison of cancer tissue with healthy tissue indicates that cancerous tissue always has a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals and pesticides than normal tissue, and sodium bicarbonate possesses the property of absorbing heavy metals, dioxins, and furans. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two. Baking soda has a plethora of additional uses. Baking soda is commonly used as an antacid for short-term relief of an upset stomach, to correct acidosis in kidney disorders, to “alkalinize” urine during bladder infections, and to minimize uric acid crystallization during gout treatment. It is frequently used to purify air inside refrigerators. We’ve all seen the opened box of baking soda in the fridge door, haven’t we? Keep a container of baking soda in your garage as well as in your car to put out a fire, since it will extinguish a fire without damaging anything else it touches. It also works as a deodorizer for carpets and other materials and can be used for laundry and as a household cleanser (when mixed with vinegar).

The baking soda/vinegar mixture will even unclog drains! And if you have itchy bug bites, try using a poultice of baking soda and vinegar. Get rid of those toxic antiperspirants and replace them with baking soda. The same goes for those fluoride-filled toothpastes. Try brushing and cleaning your teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Yes, baking soda is one of the most versatile substances that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet. I used to take 1 tsp of baking soda in water each night before bed, but I haven’t been doing this lately. I need to start this habit again. It’s a great way to alkalize your body before bed. 😉


Hunger Games – A Glimpse of Our Own Future?

by Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” Natural News

(NaturalNews) The Hunger Games is a wildly popular new movie set in a dystopian future where an all-powerful, high-tech centralized government rules over “districts” of impoverished populations barely surviving in third-world conditions. The film, based on the book of the same name by Suzanne Collins, is important to understand because it depicts the very future that the global elite are trying to create. In fact, much of what is shown in The Hunger Games has already begun (see below).

The film is set 74 years after a popular uprising that failed to overthrow a corrupt, centralized federal government. As punishment for the attempted uprising, the all-powerful government now requires each of 12 districts to “volunteer” a young girl and boy each year to participate in the Hunger Games — a bloodsport “breads and circuses” event that serves as the opiate of the masses to distract society from the fact that they are all slaves living under tyranny. Spoiler alert: This article reveals plot elements that may spoil the movie for you if you haven’t yet seen it.

The central themes of domination and control

The movie reflects numerous central themes of government control over the masses, including:

  • Control over food: Residents of the 12 districts are not allowed to eat more food than they are allotted by the government. Being caught catching a squirrel for food results in severe punishment.
  • Control over land: The 12 districts are fenced off with high-voltage power lines, much like you might find in North Korea today. Most of the world is “conserved” as wild forest and grasslands, with humans only being allowed to populate confined regions where resources are sparse and starvation is a daily reality.
  • Control over the media: The government controls all media, and every broadcast is a staged theatrical event, completely fabricated by the government to serve the interests of the government itself. This, of course, is a reflection of present-day mainstream media which is completely whored out to corporate and political interests.
  • Control of technology: While the masses live in squalor, the techno-elite enjoy advanced hovercraft ships and live in gleaming high-tech cities. Advancements in medicine, 3D displays and weapons systems are available only to the centralized government, never to the People. Also in the film, RFID chips are used to track the game participants.
  • Control of DNA: Residents of the districts are identified through the taking of DNA blood samples. The government stores their DNA in a database in order to track and identify individuals. Insects are genetically engineered to serve as weapons, such as GMO wasps that cause wild hallucinations to those who are stung.
  • Control over life itself: The government toys with human life and seems to be amused by expressing heartless power over the masses. Their priorities are simultaneously focused on fashion, status and meaningless cuisine. In one scene, when the teenage girl (Katniss Everdeen) is trying to ask her mentor how she might survive the games, her elitists coordinator can only spout about how much she loves “chocolate truffles” and why they should all enjoy a round of desserts.

A parade of fashion, makeup and style gone wild

The style and fashion of the elite class who live in the high-tech cities seems to be echoed right out of a modern-day parade. People are adorned with bright, extravagant clothing and accessories, and they’re painted up in outlandish makeup and hair color. They literally prance around like frolicking maniacal members of royalty, and they experience great joy from causing others to suffer. The government-worshiping elite class see themselves as intellectually superior to everyone else, yet they lack any real-world skills. They also lack anything resembling ethics, and they see nothing wrong with cheating or lying their way to positions of ever greater power in their warped society.

Enslavement through the illusion of hope

At the top of the government, the leader played by Donald Sutherland is a Rockefeller-type master of deception and human emotions. As he explains in the film, the purpose of the Hunger Games is to keep people enslaved while giving them “a little hope, but not too much.” A little hope keeps the enslaved masses in line, but too much hope might actually make them think they have real power. The threat of government violence against the enslaved masses is carried out by a class of enforcers who, in contrast to most other dystopian films, are actually clothed in white, not black. They are the TSA of the Hunger Games, and their job is to oppress the people, bash in a few heads, and remind the masses who’s really in charge.

One can’t help but notice in this film that the elite class of prancing government worshipers is the logical extension of today’s irrational worship of government as the savior of society. Where government is put in charge of everything, the People are forever enslaved. And that seems to be the goal of the government-worshippers in society today who desire to make all people dependent on the government, hand over all power to the government, and destroy individual human liberties (and the Bill of Rights). It is no coincidence that the enslaved masses in The Hunger Games are entirely disarmed and only the government is allowed to own high-tech weaponry.

This is a key provision of the leftist “anti-gun” movement witnessed in society today, which says that all guns should only be in the hands of government, not individuals. Such a centralization of weaponry in the hands of corrupt government, of course, only leads to tyranny, as history repeatedly shows.

Human dignity

Most interesting to me is the idea that government elitists have no ethics, no morals and no basic dignity. In contrast, the only real expression of dignity comes from the District 12 volunteer, Katniss Everdeen (the female lead). She enjoys a closeness with nature and a respect for life. When other participants in the Hunger Games are killed around her, she shows them respect with a makeshift burial ceremony. She only takes life as a last resort, yet she’s also quick to act out of self defense, and she’s willing to take action to kill others if they are truly intent on killing her. This reflects a fundamental human right to self defense.

When we are attacked, we have the right to hold our ground and return fire as her character demonstrates several times throughout the film. By doing so, she saves her life and ultimately shows the elitist government that it cannot control her. That point comes out strongly at the end of the games, when she and her male partner are the last two survivors. The elitists government commands them to try to kill each other so that only one victor emerges. But instead of giving in to this command, the two decide to eat poison berries together and thus demonstrate to the global audience watching the event (which is practically the entire population) that the government shall not have the freedom to decide when we live or die, and that even a slave can still decide when to end their own life, independent from an oppressive government regime.

Unexpectedly, the government suddenly halts the games before the two can eat the berries, announcing them both as winners. This is obviously a last-ditch effort to make sure no one expresses any power over their own lives — not even the power to end your own life because such expression of individual power would embarrass the government. Throughout the film (and the book), the government is obsessed with total oppression of the people, denying them food and resources and carrying out mind games against them that sap their courage and convince them they have no personal power.

Actors, writing, photography and screenplay

On the technical side of things, the acting in this film is superb. The key female character in the film is played by Jennifer Lawrence who delivers a convincing, heartwarming performance. She demonstrates both strength and vulnerability with astounding authenticity. This film succeeds largely because of her performance. Woody Harrelson also delivers a convincing performance, but that’s not surprising given his reputation and experience as a performance professional. Screenplay is surprisingly solid, considering that this film is based on a novel.

It’s rare to see a novel translated well onto the screen, but The Hunger Games pulls it off nicely with compelling pacing and well-planned editing of the book’s detail. I also want to give props to two departments that typically don’t get the attention they deserve: Costume design and sound design. In The Hunger Games, both of these departments went far beyond the norm, showcasing a masterful assembly of visual and auditory highlights that add great depth to the on-screen artistry.

The Hunger Games is coming true in America today

When watching the Hunger Games, you can’t help but think about the recent armed raids on Rawesome Foods in California. There, armed government thugs confiscated and destroyed $50,000 worth of food and poured gallons of raw milk down the drain even while a food bank that could have used all that food was right next door. (http://www.naturalnews.com/033220_Rawesome_Foods_armed_raids.html) This destruction of food carried out by the government of California is also routinely carried out by the oppressive government in The Hunger Games.

One of the most powerful strategies for total government domination is to deny people access to real food. That’s exactly what we’re seeing today in the government’s attacks on raw milk, raw almonds and other nutritious foods. In Michigan, for example, state bureaucrats there have announced their plan to start destroying all the pig livestock of small, local ranchers and arrest them as felons (http://www.naturalnews.com/035372_Michigan_pigs_farm_freedom.html).

We also see in society today a growing class of the ruling elite who express total disdain for humanity, the natural world or anything resembling dignity or ethics. This is perhaps best reflected in the philosophy of Goldman Sachs, a financial investment giant so steeped in the culture of greed that they reportedly think of their own customers as total idiots to be viciously exploited for dishonest profit. We also see the key elements of tyranny and oppression reflected in the Obama administration, where Obama himself signed the NDAA on New Year’s Eve, 2011.

This law nullifies the Bill of Rights and eliminates any right to due process for Americans. It allows the government to arrest, detain, interrogate and torture any person, for any reason, even if they are never charged with a crime. It really is like something ripped right out of a dystopian sci-fi film. The mass population, meanwhile, seems to have no idea this has already been signed into law. (http://www.naturalnews.com/034537_NDAA_Bill_of_Rights_Obama.html)

Similarly, on March 16 of this year, President Obama signed into effect an executive order that seizes control over all food resources across the country, including food, seeds, livestock, farm equipment, food processing facilities, and animal feed. This is written in clear English, right in the order itself. (http://www.naturalnews.com/035301_Obama_executive_orders_food_supply….) Once again, virtually the entire U.S. population seems to have no idea that this executive order was signed by Obama. In modern society, as in The Hunger Games film, most people live in a world of delusion, oblivious to the reality of how government is creepily expanding into a totalitarian dictatorship with each passing day.

We are already living in the early stages of The Hunger Games

The real kicker in all this is that, to a great extent, we have already begun to live in the early stages of a “Hunger Games” society. Those who worship government and believe in total government power over the People are pushing us in that direction every single day. Here are other signs of a Hunger Games type of government growing all around us:

  • The TSA reaching down your pants and calling it “security” (http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=979D7B9F44BA6EAE0DF65B3DE6E4EE33)
  • Staged false flag security events to keep people afraid (http://www.naturalnews.com/034325_FBI_entrapment_terror_plots.html)
  • Janet Napolitano on giant TV screens at Wal-Mart warning everyone to spy on their neighbors and only trust government (http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=5A4B5D4B84344D5D9CBD262A53D8B071)
  • Armed government raids on farms and food distribution centers
  • Corporate control over seeds and all intellectual property
  • The push to disarm the People and centralize all weapons in the hands of government
  • Mad science genetic engineering of crops and animals
  • The total theater of fabricated “humanitarian” causes (Kony 2012) which are really nothing more than a tactic to get public support for mass murder by governments
  • The total worshipping of sports figures and sports events by the dumbed-down masses who watch football, basketball and the UFC while having no clue whatsoever that their government is raping their future and destroying their liberties.

Big Government will accelerate us into a Hunger Games dystopian future

Ask yourself: What political position does all this sound like? End the Second Amendment, put government in charge of all food, give up liberties in the name of security, surrender individual power to state power… ring a bell? It’s the platform of America’s political elite, whether you’re talking about the left or the right. Both political parties believe in big (and bigger) government, dis-empowered people, and total government control over all resources (including land). Only people who believe in small, limited government can reverse this trend.

Ron Paul supporters, in other words. A small government is a safe government, as any government that gets too big and too powerful becomes a clear and present danger to the People. Each day that our government becomes larger and more powerful — which almost automatically happens following staged terror events such as 9/11 — we are hurled ever close to a Hunger Games type of future reality. Let us hope that We the People can stop the insanity of bad government and find a way to restore liberty before this fictional movie called “The Hunger Games” becomes far too real for comfort.


 OK, enough for this time. But stay tuned. My next monthly newsletter will have more great info.


Thanks and God bless.

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I appreciate the Cancer newsletters and other info on general health…Your report on the Hunger Games sound like what I see on the internet daily…do not watch TV…please continue to beat the drum….



July 3, 2012 at 8:30 pm

I’ve watched the Hunger Games and the government portrayed in the movie ain’t human. While it is true that these days ordinary people are dominated by more powerful individuals, I really can’t imagine a world like that. It’s crazy


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