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“BOUGHT” the movie





by Ty Bollinger

On February 1, 2015 (aka “Superbowl Sunday”), FOX News Channel aired my interview on “A Healthy You” with Carol Alt. We discussed SEA CUCUMBER as a natural cancer treatment.

Check it out …

If you want to see this interview in high def, visit the FOX News Channel website:   http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/02/03/sea-cucumber-miracle-cancer-treatment/

This was the 3rd time in the past year that I was fortunate enough to be on Carol’s show on FOX. Previously, we spoke about natural cancer treatments (LINK) and also hemp (LINK).

Speaking of hemp…




By Mark David, EndAllDisease.com

Cannabis is a beautiful and aromatic flowering plant that includes three different species: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. These species are believed to originate in Central and South Asia and they can be found today all around the world.

In time, Cannabis will be known for what it once was, the most medicinal, useful plant species on planet earth.  Not only does it make an incredibly effective medicine, the dense cellulose from the plant, oils, and fibers can be used for over 50,000 different industrial products in virtually every industry in the world today.

Between the use of cannabis as medicine, and the thousands of other uses for the hemp plant in our everyday lives, as time passes this plant will once again be integrated back into our lives, until we are once again living in symbiotic harmony with it.

In putting this article together, it was our goal at EndAllDisease.com to summarize virtually everything to date that we know about cannabis medicine, to make it as easy as possible for you to explore the evidence that reveals its potential to cure a variety of diseases, including cancer, and to learn what the exciting future of cannabis medicine has in store for us.


The Rick Simpson Story

In a story that provides valuable insight into the effectiveness of cannabis oil medicine, as well as the strange politics surrounding the use of cannabis oil to cure cancer, Rick Simpson was a man who discovered a cure for cancer and shared it with as many people as he could… free of charge.

In 1975, a man living in Nova Scotia by the name of Rick Simpson heard a report on the radio, which described the use of THC, found in cannabis, as a cure for cancer.  Time passed and Rick never heard anything more on the subject, so he, like many people, assumed it wasn’t true.  Then everything changed for him in 1997, when he suffered a serious head-injury at work.

Rick’s doctor prescribed him numerous pharmaceutical drugs, all of which didn’t help his condition, and had horrible side effects.  Fed up with the lack of proper care he was receiving from his doctor, Rick Simpson watched a television program called Reefer Madness 2, in which David Suzuki interviewed a number of people who had been treating a variety of serious diseases and conditions by smoking medical cannabis.

Impressed with what he had discovered, Rick bought some cannabis (or hemp), and began smoking it.  He soon discovered that cannabis oil is even more medicinal than smoked cannabis, and that many of the medicinal properties are destroyed from the combustion process.  He then began producing his own hemp oil, a thick, dark, concentrated oil of condensed THC, and ingesting it as medicine instead of prescription drugs.  The oil worked wonders for him!

In 2002, doctors examined 3 areas of skin on Rick’s body that were cancerous.  The one cancerous patch of skin near his eye was removed surgically in January of 2003, at which point he surmised that a topical application of his cannabis oil will probably work better.  Rick applied cannabis oil to his skin cancer with a couple of Band-Aids, and within a couple of days the skin cancer had been completely eliminated.

Excited about curing his own skin cancer with cannabis oil, he went to his doctor to tell him the good news, and Rick’s doctor refused to even talk to him about hemp medicine.  Shocked and disappointed at the state of politics and economics surrounding the use of cannabis as medicine, Rick continued to produce hemp oil, and gave it (for free) to people with cancer and other serious diseases.

After helping thousands of people successfully treat a variety of diseases and conditions, including cancer, the RCMP raided 1600 cannabis plants, which he had been growing in his back yard to produce hemp oil medicine for people.  To top things off, Rick Simpson contacted the Canadian Cancer Society about his hemp oil curing people’s cancer, and here is their response:

“The Society does not endorse or support medical products or dietary supplements.  Thanks for the information.  We wish you luck in your work.” – The Canadian Cancer Society to Rick Simpson

To avoid being arrested for the charges against him for curing people of cancer, Rick Simpson eventually fled the country, and moved to Amsterdam.  In a recent interview with Rick Simpson, he mentioned that all the charges against him have been dropped and he is free to return to Canada at any time, but the battle with the Canadian legal system that he had to go through left such “a bitter taste in his mouth” that he will not be returning to live in Canada anytime soon.

Watch The Rick Simpson Story Documentary here.


8 People Who Cured Cancer with Cannabis Oil

Although the list of scientific research on cannabis is quite extensive, by far the most convincing evidence we have about its role in reversing cancer are the numerous testimonials of people who have used the medicine.  Here is a brief look into an ever-growing list of people who have cured themselves of various types of cancer with cannabis oil:

  1. Tommy Chong was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2012, and after seeing The Rick Simpson Story documentary online, he decided to give Cannabis Oil medicine a try.  Less than one year later from beginning his treatment, Tommy is feeling better and is completely cancer free.
  2. A 54-year-old woman, who was diagnosed with terminal stage-4 lung cancer, used cannabis oil internally to treat multiple cancerous tumors in her lungs and body.  The doctor didn’t give her much hope, telling her she would be lucky to live 6-9 more months.  Her daughter learned online about people curing cancer with cannabis, and her mother, surprised, began treatment with cannabis oil in February of 2014.  After a follow-up CAT scan in September, not even 7 months later, the tumors in her lungs were completely gone.
  3. Dr. William Courtney’s youngest patient was an 8-month-old child, who had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  The child’s father began putting cannabis oil on the baby’s pacifier twice per day, and within two months there was a dramatic reduction in the size of the brain tumor.  Treatment continued and Dr. Courtney says the baby was completely healed without any side effects.
  4. Kristina Marie was 24-years-old when she was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain by medical doctors.  When they recommended chemotherapy for her cancer, she rejected it outright, and began treating herself with Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil.  After 3 MRI’s, her tumors have shrunk considerably.
  5. In September of 2012, a South African woman named Lindsay was diagnosed with colon cancer.  During surgery to remove a rogue ovary, doctors noticed something wrong with her colon, but stitched her back up anyways.  After a horror of surgeries and complications, including a punctured colon and bladder, the agony continued when doctors gave her Chemotherapy treatment.  The chemotherapy didn’t work, so she stopped and opted for the use of Cannabis Oil instead.  “I took all 6 syringes, which totaled 18 grams, in 46 days”.  Normally people take 90 days to ingest this amount. On March 28th, 2012, while at the hospital to see the oncologist and surgeons, she underwent a range of tests and scans, and with four doctors present, they told her there’s no sign of any cancer in her body.
  6. Alysa Erwin was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at age 14.  “When the doctor called me to tell me Alysa had cancer, she said there wasn’t a good outcome.  There was no success rate whatsoever,” said Alysa’s mother.  After doctors declared her cancer inoperable with a zero-percent survival rate, Alysa’s father David wanted to try the Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil he heard about online.  Face with a choice between chemotherapy and cannabis oil, Alysa opted for the chemotherapy, but after just 5 days of agonizing therapy, she abandoned the chemotherapy and began treatment with cannabis oil.  Just 30 minutes after her first half-of-a-grain-of-rice-sized dose of cannabis oil, Alysa’s pain vanished, she was eating, and laughing “like a regular teenager,” said her mother.  After 3 months of cannabis oil, her tumor stopped growing, after 6 months they were shrinking, and Alysa is now completely cancer free, even after her doctors told her there was a zero percent change of survival.
  7. A 63-year-old man from England was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2009, and after a liver transplant, the cancer returned, and he began using hemp oil to treat himself after reading about it online.  He said that within just 3 days his pain and symptoms had disappeared.  Months later,  “Mike went for a biopsy at the Royal Free Hospital in London, where doctors confirmed that the new cancerous cells in his liver had vanished.”
  8. Rick Simpson cured his own skin cancer using his home-made hemp oil.

10 Medical Studies on Cannabis vs Cancer

Although the majority of what we have to learn about cannabis is ahead of us, there’s much we can learn from scientific studies which have already been conducted about the medicinal properties of Cannabis.  For the purposes of this article, we will focus primarily on studies revealing its anti-cancer effects, since it’s one of the most common, and likely the most feared disease in our culture.

  1. In 2013, researchers from Italy and the UK investigated the effect of cannabis sativa extract with a high content of cannabidiol (CBD) on colon cancer cells.  The study found that the high CBD cannabis sativa extract “inhibits colorectal cancer cell proliferation”. (PMID:24373545)
  2. In a study which began by outlining the hopelessness of conventional treatments to treat brain cancer, it was found that even in combination with a hazardous chemotherapy drug TMZ, “submaximal doses of CBD and THC produced a strong anti-tumoral action.”
  3. study conducted by the California Pacific Medical Centre and published in The National Library of Medicine discovered that cannabidiol (CBD) significantly reduces tumor mass, and inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation and invasion.
  4. In the journal Molecular Pharmacology, a study was published that found cannabinoids inhibited the growth of cancer cells, and induced apoptosis, meaning they caused the cancer cells to commit suicide.
  5. A 2011 study examined the use of CBD against breast tumors, and found that CBD “inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation and invasion,” and “that treatment with CBD significantly reduces primary tumor mass as well as the size and number of lung metastatic foci in two models of metastasis.”
  6. In a study which included longtime Cannabis researcher Manuel Guzman, it was found that “cannabinoids lead to apoptosis of pancreatic tumor cells.”
  7. Published in the Journal of Neuroscience, a magnetic resonance imaging study was conducted that found injury and degeneration to the brains of rats was reduced by the presence of THC.
  8. In May 2014, researchers conducted a study and found that treatment with THC prevented brain damage in rats caused by neurotoxic doses of methamphetamine.
  9. Researchers at Complutense University in Madrid conducted a study in 2006 to determine whether or not THC in cannabis can inhibit tumor growth.  Published in the British Journal of Cancer, THC was found to decrease tumor cells in two out of nine patients.
  10. Italian researchers published a study in 2013 in the British Journal of Pharmacology that examined the effect of non-thc cannabinoids on cancer.  They found that CBD significantly inhibited cancer cell viability, induced cancer cell death in multiple ways. (PMID:22594963)

The Future of Cannabis Medicine

Scientists and people working to bring back other cannabinoids in strains, as opposed to maximizing THC content, will revive (and perhaps even improve) the quality of medicine once used by all of mankind.  Indeed, the future of cannabis medicine is extremely bright, and it represents an incredibly rewarding career path for many people now and in the coming post-legalization era of cannabis.

The future of cannabis medicine requires many people to begin studying the cannabis genome, and to explore the virtually endless synergies involved with various combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes.  The best and healthiest years of the human race are ahead of us, and will unfold in proportion to our understanding of how to maximize the use of cannabis for healing and well-being.

SOURCE:  http://www.endalldisease.com/cannabis-medicine-natures-most-effective-and-safest-cure-all/




By Mike Adams (“the Health Ranger”)

 (NaturalNews) Much like Brian Williams, vaccine promoters are serial liars. They know vaccines harm many children (and even kill some), yet they knowingly lie to the public by falsely claiming vaccines cause no harm whatsoever. (They do this willfully, in total violation of all medical ethics and fundamental honesty with the public.)

The “Big Lie” about vaccine safety is crumbling by the day, of course, causing the vaccine industry to resort to desperate tactics such as attempting to declare absolute government control over your body via a medical police state that forces you to submit to medical interventions. This will, of course, begin with forced vaccinations of unwilling people and then quickly escalate to other things that serve the interests of the medical police state such as forced organ harvesting from the bodies of all Americans. (To accomplish this, they will roll out emotionally charged campaigns of sobbing children who need kidneys, and then demonize people who don’t agree to be organ donors as being “selfish” and horrible people.)

Despite the pathetic propaganda attempts, the reality of vaccine damage tells a very different story from the one being falsely portrayed by the sellout media. As the photos below clearly show, vaccines cause horrifying medical mutilations of children again and again.

Keep this in mind the next time you see pathetic liars like Sen. Elizabeth Warren or CDC officials spouting total propaganda nonsense about vaccines being completely “safe and effective” (usually while smirking with evil grins). Watch this shocking video by Rob Dew which reveals the deeply-ingrained evil of vaccine fanatics in Washington who brazenly lie about vaccine “safety.”

WARNING: These photos are quite graphic. These children are VICTIMS of vaccine damage, and they have suffered tremendously. This is the true human cost of the vaccine lies and denials being staged by the mainstream media and CDC officials.

Horrifying photos of vaccine damage: Medical mutilation via immunization

Many of these images are provided by the CDC itself! Although they will retract this page as soon as they can, this CDC web page depicts vaccine-damaged children.

Thus, when the CDC says vaccines are “safe and effective,” they’re knowingly lying! Proof of their big lie is published right on their own website.

A two-year-old boy devastated by a small pox vaccine. As reported by Reuters:

A two-year-old boy who developed a serious reaction to his father’s smallpox vaccination has recovered but disease detectives found infectious virus all over his house, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Thursday. A photo of the boy’s stomach is seen in a handout photo from the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital.

A severe adverse reaction to a hepatitis vaccination:

A horrifying reaction to the BCG vaccine:

Severe skin reactions following vaccination:

Facial contortions and distortions following DTP vaccine:

Another innocent victim of vaccine damage:

Neurologically damaged by the DPT vaccine:

A smallpox vaccine reaction that has nearly destroyed this person’s arm and shoulder:

Another severe skin reaction following vaccination:


Extreme tissue damage caused by vaccines:

The HPV vaccine turned this normal, healthy girl into a brain-damaged victim of vaccines:

THESE PHOTOS ARE ONLY A SMALL PORTION of all those showing vaccine-damaged children. CDC officials, media newscasters and U.S. lawmakers claim all these photos do not exist, that these children were never harmed, and that vaccines cannot cause such damage at all.

They are liars. Worse than liars, they are medical mutilators of innocent children who continue to be severely damaged by toxic vaccines every single day, all around the world.

Watch this video by Rob Dew to learn even more:


SOURCE: http://www.naturalnews.com/048691_vaccine_damaged_children_graphic_photos_medical_mutilation.html




by Nicholas Gonzales, M.D., GreenMedinfo.com

CancerTruth comment:  While most believers in vaccines (those who worship at the altar of “vaccine mysticism”) like to point to polio as a disease that was eliminated by vaccines, the history of polio and the polio vaccine paints a far different picture than what most believe about polio and the polio vaccine today.


I think, in the current debate, it would be a most useful exercise to go back in time, to review historical examples of allegedly or presumably catastrophic infectious disease, specifically two examples, that of polio and Keshan’s disease, for which in both cases a vaccine was thought to be the only solution.

I remember the hysteria generated in the media by polio, the well-funded advertising campaigns by organizations such as the March of Dimes, relying on, of course, emotional arguments to raise money from “regular” moms and dads and Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops all over the country.

My childhood vision of polio was that of a true catastrophe, threatening the entire population of the United States, with our only hope the dedication and hard work of our wonderful research scientists who were extolled in the press on a near daily basis.

As a fledgling research immunologist under Dr. Good somewhat fascinated by DuBos’ perspective, I began to investigate the actual epidemiology and ecology of polio.  As I was to learn it turned out that polio “epidemics” as they were called, didn’t really emerge until the late 19th, and early 20th century.  I had been taught in medical school that the epidemic nature of polio showed itself because of growing population density in urban areas associated with poor sanitation.  Though this position seemed logical, since polio transmits through a fecal oral route, the opposite has proven to be the case.

Studies from the late 1940s, before the availability of the Salk vaccine, indicated that in low-income urban areas up to 90% of the population showed antibodies to polio, though most who tested positive had no recollection of having been infected and had not experienced any residual neuro-muscular problems.  For them, the disease seemed no more serious than a brief upper respiratory infection or gastroenteritis.

True, the number of deaths from the disease and cases of paralytic polio did increase significantly in the early 1950s, but these numbers were hardly at the level of full-blown catastrophe.  For example, in 1949, considered an epidemic year, 42,173 cases were identified in the US, with 2, 720 deaths.  Anyone unfortunate enough to be killed, or struck down and left paralyzed would be an individual tragedy, but the numbers just were not there for a major epidemic as has often been portrayed. Even throughout the so-called “epidemic” years of the late 1940s and early 1950s most contracted the virus without any recognition they had been infected with the “deadly” polio organism.

Ironically, the increasing incidence of paralytic cases and deaths, though still relatively small, occurred as intensive public health campaigns to clean up the cities went into full force.  As in most instances, Nature doesn’t work the way the human mind would like it to work.  It turns out all these highly funded and well-intentioned efforts to prevent polio by cleaning out and sterilizing the cities came inevitably with unintended consequences.

In its usual ecological setting, prior to these public health experts at work, polio rarely struck infants younger than six months old, most commonly infecting children between six months and four years of age when the disease usually presented in its “common cold” form.  With improved sanitation, polio tended to hit at later ages, even into adulthood, when it was quite a different, far more aggressive illness.

So, with improved sanitation, fewer children were exposed to the disease, more adults were, and the results in adults were disastrous.  In “unclean” urban areas, early exposure mitigated the severity of the illness, with the added benefit of providing lifetime immunity.  With improved sanitation the disease became far more deadly.

In this context I am reminded of more recent studies demonstrating that children allowed to play in the mud and muck – as I was as a child before germ-phobia became itself an epidemic – and who attend day care centers where they are exposed to all manner of drippy noses and minor infections, tend to have far less asthma, far fewer allergies, and far stronger immunity, than their over-protected colleagues.

I think myself so fortunate that I contracted, and endured, the usual childhood illnesses, including measles, mumps, and chicken pox, even a minor brush with Epstein Barr.  For me, and for all my school friends, these diseases were hardly anything worth remembering particularly, leaving us somewhat disabled for a few days, with much-appreciated time off from school and a certain amount of parental pampering.  No one I knew was left with encephalomyelopathy, nor any other serious neurological deficit as a result of their experiences with any of these viruses.  I do believe these illnesses served me a valuable function, testing my immune system, letting it flex its muscles, teaching it how to work against a mild infection so that someday it might effectively deal with a more serious organism.

I see so many patients in their 20s and 30s, the first of the highly-vaccinated generation, coming to my office unable to function, having been exposed to some viral illness like Epstein-Barr, or Borrelia, or some associated “coinfection,” who five and ten and fifteen years later despite aggressive treatments of all types, both alternative and conventional, are unable to function, finish school, hold a job, at times – and you all know patients like this – unable to leave their room (except initially to see me).  These are young adults with immature immune systems, whose immune cells either underperform, don’t perform at all, or that over-react, with immune regulation gone haywire.  We can get these patients well, fortunately, but they often endured quite a bit a suffering for long periods of time.  And these aren’t the kids with autism, these are young people with promising futures and careers ahead, sidelined and sidetracked by some trivial little virus.

When we think about the child paralyzed by polio or the poor debilitated diphtheria-infected Asian children, we need to step back for a moment, and realize Nature really isn’t the enemy, it’s so often – as Dubos made clear 50 years ago – what we do as individuals, as cultures, and as governments that makes a tolerable, manageable problem into something worse, and this includes force-feeding vaccination.  When these discussions begin, just remember the negative blowback from those “improved” public health measures in urban areas, that made polio a much worse disease than it had been, and left in their wake death and disability.

Speaking scientifically, it appears that no polio vaccine was really needed any more than it was needed for Keshan’s.  Instead, we should have let kids be kids, playing in the mud, letting their immune systems grow and mature as Nature intended, without interference by well-intentioned and completely misguided science.

Read the Full Article, “Some Thoughts on the Vaccination Debate – by Nicholas Gonzalez, MD,”  at GreenMedInfo.com

About the Author

Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D., graduated from Brown University, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, with a degree in English Literature. He subsequently worked as a journalist, first at Time Inc., before pursuing premedical studies at Columbia. He then received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1983. During a postgraduate immunology fellowship under Dr. Robert A. Good, considered the father of modern immunology, he completed a research study evaluating an aggressive nutritional therapy in the treatment of advanced cancer. Since 1987, Dr. Gonzalez has been in private practice in New York City, treating patients diagnosed with cancer and other serious degenerative illnesses. His nutritional research has received substantial financial support from Procter & Gamble and Nestle. Results from a pilot study published in 1999 described the most positive data in the medical literature for pancreatic cancer.  http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/index.htm




By Ty Bollinger

When you are diagnosed with a tumor, there is an instant response emotionally, mentally, and even physically. Terror is a common reaction to the word “tumor” – whether it is benign or malignant.

The difference between the two types of tumors – non-cancerous and cancerous –  is important.

Understanding what makes a growth benign or malignant is to recognize your prognosis, the various steps you’ll have to take to correct the imbalance that caused it, and what it could mean regarding your future health. All tumors share certain characteristics; they are cells your body does not need and old or damaged cells are not destroyed when they should be. Let’s begin with the basic definitions.

Benign Tumor

If you are told your tumor is “benign,” that means it is not cancerous. It is similar to cancer because the growth is a result of abnormal cells. However, unlike cancer, it is unable to spread to other areas of the body (such as the brain or lungs) and it does not affect nearby tissue. It is a contained mass that stays where it grows.

On its own, a benign tumor is not dangerous. However, the location of the tumor is what poses the threat. If the mass puts pressure on a primary nerve, a main artery, or compresses brain matter, even a benign tumor can cause serious problems.

Some suspected causes of benign tumors include a traumatic injury at the tumor location, chronic inflammation (or long-term stress that leads to inflammation), an undetected infection, or diet.

Most Common Types of Benign Tumors

  • Adenomas (epithelial tissue that covers the organs and glands)
  • Meningiomas (brain and spinal cord)
  • Fibromas or fibroids (connective tissue of any organ – most commonly found in the uterus)
  • Papillomas (skin, breast, cervix, and mucus membranes)
  • Lipomas (fat cells)
  • Nevi (moles)
  • Myomas (muscle tissue)
  • Hemangiomas (blood vessels and skin)
  • Neuromas (nerves)
  • Osteochondromas (bones)

Depending on the location and size of a benign tumor, treatment might not be necessary. Doctors will monitor it, track patient symptoms and do tests at specific intervals.

Benign tumors are often surrounded by a protective “sac” – a mechanism performed by your immune system – that segregates it from the rest of your body and enables it to be easily removed.

If you are diagnosed with a benign tumor, altering your diet to an anti-cancer regimen is sound advice. Some benign tumors can become malignant but it’s rare. Even when they are removed, your doctor will schedule regular tests periodically to ensure no additional tumors form (also a rare occurrence).

Overall, benign tumors respond well to treatment and the prognosis is usually favorable.

Malignant Tumor

If your doctor determines that you have a malignant tumor, that means the mass is cancerous. The word malignant is Latin for “badly born.” This type of tumor has the ability to multiply uncontrollably, to metastasize (spread) to various parts of the body and invade surrounding tissue.

Malignant tumors are formed from abnormal cells that are highly unstable and travel via the blood stream, circulatory system and lymphatic system. Malignant cells do not have chemical adhesion molecules to anchor  them to the original growth site that benign tumors possess.

There are many suspected causes of cancer – some are widely accepted by the medical community while others are not. Obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, environmental pollution, heavy metal exposure and household toxins are a few culprits that may lead to cancer in your body.

Most Common Types of Malignant Tumors

  • Sarcomas (connective tissues such as muscle, tendon, fat, and cartilage)
  • Carcinomas (organs and gland tissue such as the breast, cervix, prostate, lung, and thyroid)

Malignant tumors may not have symptoms initially and the first indication that something isn’t right may be the detection of a painless lump. These types of tumors are “elastic,” which enables them to grow fairly large before they are detected.

As they grow and begin to press against organs, blood vessels and nerves, pain and general soreness at the site may occur.

Pre-Cancerous Tumors

Precancerous tumors fall between benign and malignant. These types of growths have the markers to be malignant but are not yet apparent. They will not be characterized as malignant unless irrepressible cell growth ensues.


The more you know about prevention, the better you can guard against all tumor growth in your body. Boosting your body’s immune system through diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices are your first line of defense. Explore some of the other articles here on The Truth About Cancer for more information about cancer-proofing your body!

SOURCE:   http://thetruthaboutcancer.com/benign-malignant-tumors-difference/



“BOUGHT” the movie


I think we risk becoming the best-informed society that has ever died of ignorance.” This quote by Rubén Blades also speaks to the reality of American society due to the misinformation, propaganda, and lies the mainstream media spouts on a daily basis.

BOUGHT is an explosive new film that expertly exposes the science fraud, corporate corruption and government collusion behind mass medications, toxic vaccines and deadly GMOs.

This is arguably the most powerful film ever created that tells the truth about vaccines, medications and GMOs.

Incredibly, BOUGHT is free to watch online for the next few days only. Watch it here:  http://thetruthaboutcancer.com/boughtmovie



The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, reveals the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box at the Health Freedom Expo in Naples, FL. Adams is releasing this technology to the public for free as an open-source project to promote the decentralization of healthy food production.




You may have heard the slogan, “Laughter is the best medicine.” I wholeheartedly agree. So, here’s a little humor to make you smile. 😉

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