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November 2012 Newsletter

November 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Are Cancer Patients’ Hopes Too High? Elderberry Shocking Truth About What’s in Vaccines Healthy Family Spotlight – The Peters Aspartame Associated With Increased Risk of Blood Cancers The Root Cause of Your Autoimmune Disease The Remarkable Rebounder     Are Cancer Patients’ Hopes Too High? By: Gene Emery NEW YORK…
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October 2012 Newsletter

October 25, 2012 CONTENTS: Food “Insurance” Budwig Diet This is What We are Facing Lemon Balm Cancer Success Story – John Curry Kombucha Anyone? “Outside the Box Wednesday” on the Robert Scott Bell Show Coast to Coast AM Appearance on November 1st     Food “Insurance” While many thousands of Americans are denying the fact…
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September 2012 Newsletter

September 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Hibiscus for Heart Health Root Canals – Facts vs. Fictions Hemp – Miracle Plant or Evil Weed? Cancer Success Story – Dale Figtree Flu Shot? No Thanks! The Truth About GMOs Pre-Order New Book!! $10 Discount!     Hibiscus for Heart Health Hibiscus is a small tree with bright red/yellow flowers…
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August 2012 Newsletter

August 29, 2012 CONTENTS: URGENT: Update on Selena Mathews Curing With Cayenne 7 Trivia Facts About Polio Stabbed in the Heart Connie’s Story Hydrogen Peroxide – “Medical Miracle” First They… TV, Radio, & Speaking Engagements     URGENT: Update on Selena Mathews To call what is happening to the Jay Mathews Family RIGHT NOW at…
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July 2012 Newsletter

July 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Selenium – “Hidden Superstar” DMSO – A Real “Miracle Solution” How Chemicals Affect Us Success Story from Norway 17 Techniques for Truth Suppression Coconut Oil – Hero or Villain? Watermelon – Summer’s Natural Treat Big Pharma Says “YES, We Lied About Vaccines” Olympics Opening Ceremony The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure  …
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June 2012 Newsletter

June 29, 2012 CONTENTS: Obamacare Upheld by Supreme Court Sellouts Bountiful Broccoli GMO Foods – What’s All the Fuss? Vaccinated to Death Remarkable Vitamin C The pH Scale Radiation – A Global Killer Colloidal Silver – “Nature’s Antibiotic” The “CancerTruth Chronicles” Obamacare Upheld by Supreme Court Sellouts Yesterday, June 28th, in a 5-4 decision,the sellouts…
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May 2012 Newsletter

May 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Vitamin D – Nature’s “Medicine Chest” FDA Admits 100K Annual Death Count Cherries For Your Health “Cut Poison Burn” – The Thomas Navarro Story Astonishing Avocados! Why Does Freedom Matter? “Energy Medicine” Cures M.D. of Terminal Disease   Vitamin D – Nature’s “Medicine Chest” Raise your hand if you think sunlight…
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April 2012 Newsletter

April 27, 2012 CONTENTS: Essiac Tea Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells Are Vaccines Really “Safe and Effective”? Enzymes & Digestion Andrew Wordes “Bullied to Death” Over Chickens Amazing Baking Soda The Hunger Games – A Glimpse of Our Own Future?   Essiac Tea My grandmother, Helen Cade, “Mama Helen” as we all affectionately…
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March 2012 Newsletter

March 30, 2012 CONTENTS: Carnivora® Vaccine “Junk Science” Medical Terrorism in Michigan Sugar – the “White Death” Magnificent Muscadines True Confessions from a Radiation Therapist   Carnivora® Carnivora® is the 100% pure extract from the Venus Flytrap plant and was developed by Dr. Helmut G. Keller in the late 1970’s in Europe.  As a young…
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February 2012 Newsletter

February 28, 2012 CONTENTS: LivingFuel “SuperGreens” & “SuperBerry” Colorful Vegetables & Fruits Cancer Success Story – Maria Cottone Broccoli – the “Crunchy Cruciferous Contender” Melatonin’s Mechanisms of Action Doctors Paid to Regurgitate CDC Raw Milk Lies   LivingFuel – “SuperGreens” and “SuperBerry” One staple of my family’s daily eating routine is our smoothies, full of…
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