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performer review

How long does Performer 8 take to work ?

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The loss of sexual performance caused by many factors including stress, fatigue and others is becoming a problem for men. Finding a solution to enhance the sexual abilities of men is the wish of everyone. That is why a natural supplement has been produced to solve all problems related to male sexual performance. In this article, this product is put into orbit to allow everyone to know its necessary information.

What is Performer 8 ?

Performer 8 is a natural supplement whose main purpose is to improve the performance in bed of a man with erectile dysfunction.  It is also a product that can help to escape a drop in libido which is simply a lack of sexual appetite.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects the overwhelming majority of men by the time they reach the age of 30. The consequences of these disorders have a negative impact on the lives of couples and especially on the lives of men. Its harmful effects on men include loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, disgust with life and in severe cases psychological disorders. But thanks to this dietary supplement, erectile dysfunction can be corrected and every individual can find a smile and well-being.

What are the advantages of Perfomer 8 for men’s sexual health?

Perfomer 8 is a food product made with essentially natural ingredients whose properties have been clinically studied.  This dietary supplement provides benefits to those who use it. By working to maintain a hard and normal erection, it improves testosterone levels while allowing the man to maintain self-confidence. This product owes its name to its positive effects on a man’s sexuality. Very beneficial for men who are underperforming sexually, perfomer 8 in the life of the man allows to

Create and excite the desire for sexual activity

Perfomer 8 capsules give the man the desire to go to sexual sessions.  So you can put your attention on the pleasure to be shared between you and your partner and worries of weakness in bed or performance slumps are thus put in the past.

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Making the erection very strong in general

The use of this natural product facilitates the circulation of blood in the vital organs. The cavernous areas of the penis therefore receive a large blood flow. This results in a strong, solid and long-lasting erection. You can therefore give yourself all the sexual pleasures you desire.

Increase the testosterone level:

By using performer 8, which has a special composition, you increase the level of testosterone. This increase in testosterone has the effect of provoking in you the natural desire for sex and the sensation of thrills during sexual intercourse.

Eradicate any risk of premature ejaculation:

Thanks to the natural and researched ingredients, the Performer 8 pill improves sexual performance while allowing men to control their bodies. If you are in control of your body during sexual activity, then you have eliminated premature ejaculation from your life. So you can be in control of how long you want your pleasure to last.

Stimulate libido and sexual desire:

Performer 8 is also the combination of several aphrodisiac ingredients that excite the desire for sex in men. With this product you can say goodbye to the libido problems that affect men from the age of 30. This allows you to prolong your sexual pleasure.

Make the man very sexually active

At some point any man may decide to stop his sexual activity for a period of time and also decide to resume being sexually active.  This resumption can become a headache for the man who has already given up sexual activity for a long time. This can lead to total disgust and loss of self-confidence if nothing is done to get him back to being sensually active. If you are in this situation, then Performer 8 is the answer. It provokes sexual desire in you in a natural way.

Strengthen spermatozoa

In addition to the physical and bodily performance during sex, performing 8 also improves the quality and quantity of sperm production. This promotes a normal, intense and powerful body in men.

Performer 8 pils review

What is the composition of the Performer 8 formula?

Several constituents come into play in the manufacture of performer 8. These ingredients involved are mostly natural and have undergone scientific studies. They are:

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

The effectiveness of KSM-66 Ashwagandha has been recognised through numerous scientific and clinical studies. These studies reveal that it is a constituent that, by stimulating the level of testosterone, increases the libido in men. It also reduces stress and regulates the erection.

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Muira Puama

Muira Puama is a natural recipe that aims to regulate the blood flow in the body. This helps to maintain the correct blood flow threshold, an important factor in erectile control, libido and sexual desire in men.


This is the element that provides a solution to the causes of erectile problems. It regulates the hormone that may be responsible for erectile problems, stabilises the blood circulation and this benefits the penis which may have a long erection time.

Grape seeds

This ingredient assures the relief of the organism in the production of nitric oxide which is a substance that intervenes to assure the dilation of the blood vessels. We therefore know the reasons for the presence of grape seeds in the manufacture of Performer 8.


Coming from Peru, Maca is a highly prized aphrodisiac due to its effectiveness. It has positive impacts on the physical capacities of men. Thus the physical endurance it provides strengthens the libido and restores erectile functions.


Glucuronolactone is a natural supplement that works to reduce the negative effects of stress and protect the blood vessels. These effects are the stimulation of the blood circulation and the regulation of the blood flow to the penis.

Pine bark

This is an important recipe if you want to improve sexual function and give a boost to pleasure during sex. This product stimulates the blood flow useful for the cavernous of the penis. This ingredient has proven to be effective for those who use it.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is one of the players in the quest for a solution to erectile problems. Clinical studies prove that this recipe improves stiffness and sensations. Thus it allows the natural desire of sex and make the pleasure last.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is a natural ingredient for male libido enhancement. It contains elements such as icariin and a flavonoid that inhibit the PDE5 enzyme which is responsible for erection problems in men. It also improves the flow of blood.

What is the dosage of performer 8?

For this product to be effective and to get the most benefit from it, the patient should use performer 8 on a daily basis i.e. 3 pills per day. This is to be taken with a large glass of water with or after a meal. This is the only way to feel its beneficial effects. It is often after two to three weeks of use that one finds satisfaction.

Where to buy performer 8 and at what price?

Like any dietary supplement, performer 8 is not sold in places. This product is sold on the official website of the manufacturer. Some pharmacies also are authorized by the developer to sell. This product contains 90 capsules. If you take 3 capsules a day, it takes a month to finish a box. In any case, the box of 90 pills costs 74€. If you buy two bottles, you will get 1 bonus box and the whole thing for 129,99€. You will get three bonus boxes and ebooks on fitness programmes if you buy three boxes of Performer 8. These three bottles cost £194.99. There is currently no way to redeem a promo code beyond the official sales platform.

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What is the guarantee of Performer 8?

The Performer 8 nutritional supplement always comes with a guarantee that allows it to be returned in case of dissatisfaction. If a full refund is required from the buyer, the manufacturer will take care of the buyer’s expectations. However, these cases are very rare, because as indicated on the official platform, only 2% of customers are not satisfied with the product. In addition, it should be noted that delivery is free of charge anywhere in the world. If you wish to have your order delivered in Europe, you will have to wait between 10 and 15 days.

Does Performer 8 have any side effects?

The most notable qualities of Performer 8 are its effectiveness and its naturalness which does not involve any risks like formulas like VirilBlue Pill and Sildenafil 50 mg. No chemicals are used in its production and the results are proof of its effectiveness. Only 100% natural and organic ingredients are used. When taken in moderate doses, several scientific studies show that it is safe for your health.

Furthermore, there is no risk of adverse reactions being triggered by the consumption of this nutritional supplement. On the contrary, it offers a good level of safety and guarantees the tolerance of the human body when used regularly. Furthermore, despite the fact that Performer 8 does not produce any side effects, it is always possible to seek advice from a health professional before starting the treatment. This simply offers more guarantees.

In summary, Performer 8 is a supplement that is designed to help people with erectile dysfunction to improve their sexual performance. By boosting libido to awaken unexpressed sexual desires, performer 8 allows men to regain their self-confidence without any worries that could damage their lives. Do not hesitate to recommend this product, which is making a name for itself through its effectiveness

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