The FDA Gestapo

Truth be told, the FDA has a track record of raiding the offices of alternative practitioners, destroying their medical records, and putting them in jail…

In addition, many doctors are afraid of expensive, time consuming lawsuits, and their insurance carrier may drop them if they use alternative treatments. Their state medical boards may fine them and revoke their license. And remember, doctors are human. Due to the fact that others doctors will publicly ridicule them if they use alternative treatments, many doctors succumb to recommending “the Big 3” as a result of peer pressure. Also, while at medical school, doctors not only receive biased information but also learn a very drug-intensive style of medicine. As a result, most doctors are still thinking “inside the box” when it comes to cancer.

But they don’t just persecute medical doctors…they also take aim at health food stores!

For instance…. On August 3, 2011, Rawesome Foods (a private California buying club offering raw milk and cheese) was raided in blitzkrieg style by SWAT-style armed agents from the FDA, CDC, LA County Sheriff’s Office, and the Department of Agriculture.  What was their crime? “Producing Milk Without a License” and “Mislabeling Cheese” and “Conspiracy to Commit a Crime” were 3 of the 13 charges. Law enforcement demanded that all customers of the store vacate the premises, and then they demanded to know how much cash the owner had at the store. The LA County Sheriff proceeded to “confiscate” over $4,000 of cash, arrest the owner, and destroy the inventory of the store (pouring the milk down the drain and confiscating the cheese and vegetables).

Thank God for those “brave” government agents. Risking their lives to “protect” us from those “evil” raw food terrorists!  How dare they raise cows without injecting them with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)! How dare them sell beef that is from grass-fed cows and vegetables that are organic! We should all feel better that the FDA Gestapo destroyed those “dangerous” eggs produced by free range chickens! And we should all say a hearty “thank you” to the LA Sheriff for “protecting” us from that deadly raw milk!

Let’s get this straight – Rawesome Foods is as dangerous as a “CRACK HOUSE.” A big round of applause to the FDA for giving us access to all the things that admittedly cause disease and kill us (chemotherapy, toxic vaccines, MSG, aspartame, and fluoride) while denying us access to healthy, raw, organic foods.  (Of course SARCASM intended)

Folks, this was an ILLEGAL raid conducted by government THUGS who engaged in acts of terrorism against small farmers and honest raw foods retailers. The LA County Sheriff, the Department of Agriculture, the CDC, and the FDA  represent a “clear and present danger” to the lives and safety of the American people. They are terrorists and should ALL be arrested and charged with the crimes they have committed (i.e. destruction of property, conspiracy to commit a felony, trespassing, theft, and kidnapping).

This is a declaration of war by the rogue US government against people who try to promote healthy raw and living foods.  The FDA once again proves that it is nothing more than the “leg-breakers” for the Medical Mafia. According to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, “On the scale of harm to the public, the actions of the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry are legendary. Over 100,000 Americans are killed each year by FDA-approved drugs, and yet there’s absolutely no action whatsoever being taken to arrest the CEOs of the drug companies who knowingly sell dangerous drugs that kill people. Where are the arrests of the CDC officials who pushed useless flu vaccines, knowing that they, too, would cause neurological destruction and even death in some children? Where are the arrests of the food company executives who knowingly lace their products with MSG, aspartame, sodium nitrite, hydrogenated oils and other poisons that promote degenerative disease? How about the crackdowns on the evil GMO corporations that have unleashed genetic pollution across our planet in their greedy quest for profit at the expense of life on Earth? No, the great police state government that now runs America doesn’t bother the real criminals who get away with murder every single day by poisoning the food, the medicine and the crops. They all have legal immunity because the system won’t bother dealing with their large-scale crimes. Instead, the power of the corrupt police state is exercised against small, local farms and food businesses which remain the only option through which everyday people can find real food that isn’t artificially modified or contaminated with chemical additives. What we witnessed at Rawesome Foods was an act of government-sponsored terrorism leveled against a health food buyer’s club with the sole intent of destroying food. It’s as if we’re all watching an Orwellian BOOK BURNING! Except they weren’t burning books; they were pouring raw milk down the drain and destroying up to $50,000 worth of wholesome, organic, farm-fresh food. Keep in mind this is happening at a time when starvation is on the rise in America ” and our own government is running around DESTROYING FOOD!

Government thugs are the real terrorists today.” Truth be told, the Medical Mafia is NOT interested in protecting our health. But they ARE extremely interested in protecting Big Business and Big Pharma, while making it crystal clear to the “common sheeple” that they are slaves and must do what they’re told or be arrested at gunpoint. While the American public is busy watching American Idol, eating Doritos, and worshiping their favorite sports team, the FDA is actively persecuting organic food suppliers, raw milk producers, and they are also attempting to outlaw nearly ALL nutritional supplements created after 1994. Learn more here.

The bottom line is this: If we don’t take a stand against this type of “Nazi-esque” thuggish behavior by our government, we may as well lay down, curl up in a fetal position, suck our thumbs, and wait for our next serving of soylent green

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2 responses on “The FDA Gestapo

Kathy R.

November 9, 2011 at 6:19 am

How very true! It’s disgusting how many people have had to leave the country to avoid persecution by the FDA. (Even that doesn’t always work.) Does the FDA “go after” those who are harming people? No! The ones they go after are those who are offering safe and effective solutions… Sounds odd folks? Only if you don’t factor in how much these despicable scumbags make when they leave the FDA and move on to VERY well paying jobs at the drug companies…


edward kaluf

January 8, 2014 at 7:33 pm

way too power given too our goverment tyo commit these acts.


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